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Dutch Braid Tutorials

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Now, it’s time for you to learn the basic way of how to create a Dutch braid. Before trying out its popular variations, you should be familiar with the classic one. So welcome to the tutorial part of the post! Let’s start with the classic idea!

How To: Dutch Braid

  1. Start by brushing your hair straight back.
  2. Separate off the top layer of hair and split it into three sections.
  3. Now, start doing a regular braid, but this time it’s better to hold the right strand in the right hand and the other two in your left hand.
  4. Cross the right strand under the middle and the left strand under the new central one.
  5. Then, take a little section from the right side and incorporate it into the braid, adding it to the right strand.
  6. Take the strand and cross it under the middle.
  7. Repeat the same step with the left side and go on braiding your hair in this way until the braid reaches the nape of the neck.
  8. Finish the braid like a classic three-strand braid and secure the style with an elastic.
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