These cute easy hairstyles for short hair are a great finding for women who wish to look pretty but do not have much time for some intricate styling. You can wear your hair short and still look super feminine with these gorgeous hairstyles that we have chosen. See our ideas and go manage those unruly tresses!


Side Swept Texturized Haircuts

Side Swept Texturized Pixie
by @shorthair.losangeles
Side Swept Texturized Haircuts Blonde Bob #shorthairstyles #shorthair #hairstyles #bobhairstyles #blondehair
by @realericvaughn

Depending on the chosen way of how to style short hair, you should stock up on the required tools and products. When you want to create truly cute easy hairstyles for short hair, the right styling products are crucial. Pick a texturizing product that will work for your hair structure, and your hairstyle will always look posh!


Magic Power Of Short Hair

Sleek Blunt Bob
by @salsalhair

A short hairstyle can really enhance your facial features, so do not hesitate to try one of those cute easy hairstyles for short hair that can frame, beautify, and accentuate your face shape.

Romantic Braided Short Hairstyles

Romantic Braided Short Hairstyles picture 2
by @jbraidsandbows

Braids for short hair are among our ultimate favorites as we think that they are super versatile. They can easily bring sophistication to any hairstyle. But at the same time, they can make your image somewhat girlie. It all depends on styling.


Easy Updo Hairstyles For Short Hair

Easy Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair picture 3
by @troprouge

Hairdos for short hair are so numerous that every lady can pick something really flattering. Short hair is easy to style using bobby pins, scarves, and other accessories and it will take only 5 minutes of your morning routine! Yet, to give your hair volume and definition, you might also need to know how to curl short hair.

Cool Braids For Short Hair

Double Dutch Cool Braids For Short Hair #shorthairstyles #shorthair #hairstyles #bobhairstyles #braids

Cool braids are the number one fashion rule this season. So why don’t you opt for cute easy hairstyles for short hair that feature braided elements? Put on glasses to change your image in an instant.


Ideas To Dye Your Short Hair

Brunette Color Ideas To Dye Your Short Hair #shorthairstyles #shorthair #hairstyles #bobhairstyles #brunettehair
by @chrisjones_hair
Blonde Color Ideas To Dye Your Short Hair #shorthairstyles #shorthair #hairstyles #bobhairstyles #blondehair
by @dillahajhair

There are so many shades that will turn your short haircut into the real masterpiece. And once you go for one of the cute easy hairstyles for short hair with a brand new color, you will love the way it takes a fresh look at your image.

Fun Braids For Short Hair

Fun Braids for Short Hair picture3
by @elisa222314

Whoever told you that you can’t braid short hair didn’t have access to our site. Just look at this gorgeous undercut side braid. Isn’t it adorable?

Brave Cuts For Short Hair

Brave Cuts for Short Hair picture1
by @musehairdressing
Brave Cuts for Short Hair picture2
by @musehairdressing
Brave Cuts for Short Hair picture3
by @musehairdressing

You can express your boldness not only via color of your hair but also via the cut itself. How do you feel about this edgy V-shaped purple fringe? Just imagine how many bold, cute easy hairstyles for short hair you can do with such cuts!


Stylish Short Cuts

Stylish Short Cuts picture1
by @samvillahair
Stylish Short Cuts picture3
by @samvillahair

These days, undercuts are extremely popular. But we must warn you that a cut like that requires a lot of courage to pull off. Is that something you would dare trying out?

FAQ: Cute Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

How do I look good with short hair?

A shorter cut can give your fine, straight strands more substance. However, the styling is everything. A layered short style will give you more volume, but if you like a more professional look, a bob will do the trick. A bob’s length and shape can also be used to emphasize (or hide) various details.

What can I do with really short hair?

Here are some hairstyles to try if you have really short hair:

  • Faux Hawk.
  • Wash-and-go style.
  • Messy Bangs.
  • Colored clip-ins.
  • Pompadour.
  • Blonde.
  • Side swept pixie.
  • Dutch braids.
  • Spiked pixie cut.
  • Silky and fluffy curls.

How do I know if I will look good with short hair?

Green light—short hair (for example, a chin-length haircut) will look fantastic on you if the distance between your ear and the pencil is less than two and a quarter inches. If it’s longer, you might wish to maintain some length. Consider a shoulder-grazing lob or something longer.