Easy hairstyles for teenage girls are as important as those for grown-up ladies. Well, teenage girls also have busy mornings but want to look flawless every day. That is why we decided to present some fancy but almost effortless hairstyles that no teenage girl will be able to resist.


Super Easy Waterfall Braids

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairstylesbynatalie

What kinds of long hairstyles do not involve braids? Well, not that many. Waterfall braids are super easy to replicate through complex looking, there is no doubt about that. Not to mention that they are extremely trendy and popular with cute young teen girls.


Sweet Braided Ponytails

Credit photo: instagram.com/lettileipuri

There are lots of cute medium length hairstyles and a double braid ponytail is surely one of them. Two side French braids falling into a low pony look incredibly sweet. No wonder why teenage girls adore this style.

Braided Bun Style

If you are looking for something completely out of ordinary, then the braided bun style is exactly what you need. But beware that this intricate braided ‘do requires a lot of skill and effort. So, get ready to be patient while working on this masterpiece.


Simple Lovely Pony

There are days when you desperately need more time but your hair is still far away from being done. You can opt for the simple pony to solve this matter, of course. But what about an upgrade? A cute side braid will do. By the way, some lovely headband will give you the popular braid look that cute teen girls rock at school.

Unique and Extraordinary Styles

You can always take the art of braiding to the next level. All that is required from you is your long hair and the desire to look unique and extraordinary. Besides, adding some pink ribbons into the pattern will be a good idea, especially if you're one of those teenage girls who want to stand out. Of course, such cool hairstyles take some time to master. But they're definitely worth it!


Fantastic Crown Braid

If you are all into recent trends and dyed your hair pastel shades, we have an amazing suggestion for pretty teens like you. This mixture of blues and pinks looks gorgeous, but add up a half-up half-down braided ‘do, and you will have no equals!

Cornrow styles are popular not only among little girls, the teens love them, too. Even three tiny cornrows will do their job and transform a shy schoolgirl into a real-life princess! Yes, some cute hairstyles for girls are like magic.

Super Chic Braided Easy Hairstyles

If you have recently added some highlights to your hair, why not show them off? There is no better way to accentuate your highlights than with the help of a twisted braid. But beware that sometimes the braids are tricky and there is no way to go without the help of the stylist. The best thing is, braids, whatever they are, are the best complements for all cute teen outfits: from pleated skirts and white blouses to jeans and sweaters.


Extremely Unusual Styles

Being a teenager has its perks. That is the best time for experiments, so why not make the most of it? For example, if you have been thinking about the change of style for a while now, go trendy and get a grey pixie just like those cute teens from movies rock today!

Lovely Bob Hairstyles

The experimentation with color also has the right to take place. There is no need to go for something too bright, a sweet pink bob with white highlights looks so perfect and sweet that we can’t take our eyes off, what about you? Moreover, imagine how many cool hairstyles you can create with such color!

FAQ: Easy Hairstyles

What is the best haircut for a teenage girl?

  • V-Braid and Bubble Ponytail
  • Short to Long Bob
  • Bob with Highlights
  • Wavy Shag
  • Shaved-Side Bob
  • Brunette Pixie
  • Jagged Crop
  • Prom-Ready Updo
  • Ombre Braid and Bun
  • Retro Pinned Bob
  • Chunky Fishtail Faux Hawk

What hairstyles are bad for your hair?

  • Braids close to the hairline
  • Teased Poofs
  • Ponytails
  • Wet Hairstyles
  • Superlong Extensions
  • Stick Straight Strands