Long Hairstyles That Are Just The Cutest For Valentine's Day

Long hairstyles for the most romantic day in the year should mirror romantic vibes. Modern trends provide us with hundreds of options. Heart shaped buns and braids are hella cute for long hair. In case you are not into such experiments, you can choose a more traditional way. The key to success in a romantic hairstyle is lightness and effortlessness. Our ideas will make your bae drooling all over you.


Updo Hairstyles


Long Updo Braided Hairstyles

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Low or high buns, top knots, braids or twists acquire a unique effortless and relaxed feel when your hair are messy. Today it is worn not only in casual, but also on the red carpet. High up your hair, leave simply pinned up curls and you have amazing hairstyle on romantic date!

Ponytails For Long Hair

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A classic ponytail is the one most comfortable, cute and easy to do hairstyles. But it can be beautiful and romantic too! Late for a date on St. Valentine's Day, collect your long hair in the tail, giving them a little volume or combine with the braid. So you will spend quite a bit of time on your hair, but you will be no less charming than with the laid out updo.


Braided Hairstyles

Mohawk Braided Long Hairstyles

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Bridesmaid hairstyles can be perfect for this occasion. It is popular to opt for a messy ‘do instead of a perfect and sleeked when you have some formal occasion like wedding. This hairstyle may come in handy for Valentine’s Day, too.


Long Hairstyles With Pull Through Braids

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Easy hairstyles for long hair embrace a combination of curls and braids. Another nice option is a half up bun with some natural curls. While creating curls, remember they have to be natural, so don’t go gaga on them.

Half-Up Hairstyles

Half Up Half Down Long Hairstyles With Knots

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Of course, the question is how to get the curls that look soft and not very sleek, as if natural. It is hard to believe it, but there are so many easy techniques! Let us discuss the easiest and most popular ones.


Wonderful Long Twisted Half-Ups

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To get bouncy, big, loose, and round curls, it is not necessarily to damage your hair with much heat. But you will need some styling products, of course. First, pick a special gel for curls.

Amazing Long Half-Up Hairstyles With Bows

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Such gels have many supplementing qualities which you can choose to your taste. But the key is for the gel to be able to hold the spirals and bring memory to them. So, first, apply the gel to your clean hair.

Next, divide your hair into two parts. Twirl every part so that it turns into a curl that is tight. Fix these curls on top of the head with bobby pins. Before undoing the buns, ensure that your hair is dry – one hour can suffice. It is a curly perfection!