By: | Updated: 10/30/2018

Flat Top Haircut Can Be Anything You Want

Though the name of the flat top haircut may seem to be its direct definition, when it comes to this kind of classics, things aren’t so simple. In general, it’s a cut that involves flat silhouette that goes across the whole top.

As for its variety, this is where its complexness begins: men’s flat top haircut is all about jumping from one extreme to the other. You may come across one of its variations on military officers from the 50’s or suddenly see it on the cover of your favorite hip-hop CD. In other words, to say that it’s versatile would be an understatement.

To give you this style, a skilled barber with steady hands will work on your hair on the sides and back, keeping them short. Want to see how the work looks? We’ve got plenty of ideas to show you the diversity and awesomeness of the cut. There are approaches for all hair types and textures. Check them out!

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