Not-Boring French Braid Hairstyles For Any Hair Type

Meet Brand New Braids

We are so familiar with braids that it seems like there are no french braid hairstyles that can really impress us. And the usual braided hairstyles is the last thing we want to see in the mirror. This is how our women’s nature works: we always want to own the best clothes, wear the most flattering makeup, and get ourselves unique hairstyles.


But the truth is that braided hairdos still got some aces in the hole to surprise us. We want you to know that there are just lots of ways how you can diversify your braids. This time there are no limitations: no matter what hair length and hair type you have, there is a special idea for any girl. There is no way these ideas won’t suit you. Well, it’s time to discover them and find the best for you!

Cool Ideas Of French Braid Hairstyles

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Every girl in her life should take a moment to appreciate the genius who invented a french braid, as it gives a lot of space for the imagination of our modern hairstylists. And nowadays, thanks to creative hair artists, we can enjoy totally stunning ideas inspired by classic braids. Have you ever seen THAT amazing french braid hairstyles? It’s really something unbelievable, these brand new half-updos with braids seem to be the only of their kind. Can you find the words to describe the first pic? Let’s call it a french braid that transits into a loose ponytail. Each of these ideas is beautiful in its own way, so how about making them come true to reveal your own beauty? A little tip for those who like braids: the more hues your hair has the better. A balayage or ombre with braids is something everyone must try!


Simple Stylish Ideas Of French Braid Hairstyles

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It’s not a secret that all women who want to learn how to french braid expect to reach perfection. To be more exact, the thing they actually expect is to reach perfection easily. And you know what? Braids know the secret of easy lovely look, and we can share it with you. An easy french braid is a so much needed hairstyle that won’t look too plain. It won’t look plain at all! Look at these pics: they are so tender and feminine with their neat braids. You can look as wonderful as these girls: the only thing you need is a couple of elastic bands. The best thing about these ideas is that they are totally suitable for every hair length and you just have to decide how to do a french braid on yourself: you can do a neat french braid starting from the very top of your head, create a messily braided down-do with a braid around the crown, or simply do a high ponytail and braid it. Which idea do you like the most?


Double French Braid Styles

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Do you remember the times when boys were always pulling our hair? And when you came back home to complain that they messed up your double braids, you were told that boys did so because they liked you. Well, nothing has changed. Double french braids are still popular with women of any age, and this hairstyle still attracts men’s attention. And these pictures are the proofs: these double french braid ideas look so simple, yet very pretty and elegant. If you don’t want to tight off your hair completely, you can be creative and make two french braids on each side of your front hair. As for those who are fond of classic double french hairstyles, you should find out how to double french braid just now! Hurry up: your braids are waiting for you.


French Fishtail Braid Styles

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A fishtail braid is a hairstyle that has always been so tempting to try. We know that when you see girls that flaunt with these cuties, you realize that it’s time for us to learn how to fishtail braid your own hair. No wonder so many girls don’t want to try anything new: it’s so hard to take them away from fishtails because this hairstyle can adorn girl’s hair in the most flawless way. And their versatility literally blows our minds: you can opt for a voluminous fishtail braid with braided top hair, do a fishtail of the middle section of your hair to create a nice half-updo, or adorn your face-framing fishtail with a cute band. There are so many things to try! Still think that French braids are boring?


Half-Up Braided Hairstyles

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Some girls stay away from braids because they don’t want to draw attention from their beautiful long hair. But how about adding something new to your loose hair? Remember: braiding your hair doesn’t mean breading it completely. Just look at these half-up ideas: these girls know how to sport braids to show off the beauty of their long hair. You can get yourself a girly fishtail half-updo, a loose French braid half-updo with messy waves, or a half-up hairstyle with dutch plait around your head: it’s all up to your imagination. The thing you will like the most is that such hairstyles are totally comfortable to wear for a summer walk.

French Side Style

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When you want to find a how to french braid hair tutorial, no wonder that you would like to start from a dutch braid. This hairstyle is just a gorgeous magnet for peoples eyes. There’s no better way to show everyone how feminine you are than getting yourself such a cute braid. How do you like the idea of a side braid? It gives some volume to your hair, creating an unbelievable silhouette. It’s not surprising that these pics make you want to find the easiest ways on how to do a side fishtail braid. This is actually another easy-to-do hairstyle, so any tutorial will be in handy. Side braids are something totally new, why don’t give them a try?

Crown French Braid

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Here comes the most dramatic style among all the french braid hairstyles: the crown french braid. If you are about to show that you are a queen, this hairstyle is essential for you to try. Updos are made to open your face and embrace your inner girl. Isn’t that the goal you always wanted to achieve? These crown french ideas are just on point, don’t you think so? Such coloring techniques as balayage and ombre won’t hurt anybody: you can rock this summer with pleasant colors of your hair and inspire everyone around you. Are you ready to reveal another secret about braids? Ombre braids are nowadays’ new trend, so you should definitely try it.

Now you know that braids are still very trendy. It’s time to stop reading this text: start braiding your hair! Your hair can look as fascinating as these amazing ideas, just bring them to life!


Gorgeous Ideas To Update French Braid Styles

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As you can see, we have many varieties of hairstyles with French braids: they can be with a ponytail, a bun, or a fauxhawk.

Half-Up Braided Hairstyles

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Just look at these cool hairstyles and you will no longer want to do the usual boring French braid. Here you can see crown, halo and waterfall braid styles.

Updo French Braids Hairstyles

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French braids are the braided blessing that can reveal femininity of every single lady. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what hair texture you have, and what style you usually flaunt with; we all want to show off our girliness, and you know what? Braids can beautify everyone, from a little girl with full curly locks to a grown-up lady with thin and straight hair. A side French braid with a voluminous top, pulled braided top with fascinating low bun or low French braid with lifted crown: aren’t they worth a try?


Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

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Some women think that ponytail hairstyles are all about simply putting all of the hair together. Well, such ladies are going to change their minds because ponytails can be even more creative and diverse than one can’t even imagine. A simple ponytail can be your base, which, in its turn can turn into a full, eye-catching, and absolutely stylish hair masterpiece. Just look how many adorable ‘dos you can create: Mohawk-like hairstyle with a volumetric braided top, glorious low ponytail with braided crown, and neatly brushed ponytail with charming braided elements. So, how about you to be creative?

French Braids Into Low Buns

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When a special occasion is knocking at the door, French braid hairstyles aren’t going to leave you without a proper hairdo. You can switch to formal mode, making your braid a base for a stunning bun or twist. Just like a hair accessory that can drastically change the mood of a hairstyle, braids, whatever they are, can add tons of sophistication and feminine flair to your look.

French Braids Into Topsy Tails

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If you think that topsy tails are too simple for a great comeback, think again! Yes, the classic idea you’d wear to school is probably not that bright. Still, the hairstyle has been changing, giving life to lots of modern variations. And, of course, they feature our favorite braids. To make a topsy look big, tousle up its edges as much as you can and finish the hairdo with a braided touch.