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Tips On French Braid

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Gorgeous Ideas To Update French Braid Styles Bun #updo #braids

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Gorgeous Ideas To Update French Braid Styles Fauxhawk #fauxhawk #braids

When it comes to how to French braid, we do agree that there are some difficulties to face. But, it doesn’t mean that a set of proper pieces of advice can’t take care of it. So here is a list of tips you should take into consideration while trying to succeed with French braiding technique:

  1. If you want your braid to be all sleek and tidy, then you should better start braiding your hair while it is still damp. This will help you catch all the loose strands and your braid won’t look messy.
  2. Halo braids can be worn for at least two days straight with no loss to the charm or elegance, what is more, you can wear your wavy hair loose a day after.
  3. If you want to succeed with perfect braid waves you better sleep on the silk pillow so that your hair does not get frizzy.
  4. It is easier to work with the hair that hasn’t been washed for a day.
  5. Hairspray helps to achieve a more polished look if you spray your hair just before starting to braid.
  6. The tighter is your braid, the longer it will stay in place.
  7. Last but not least, try to remain patient if something turns out to be more difficult to succeed with then it seemed from the first glance.
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