Upon a second glance at trending frosted tips, it may feel like a déjà vu. Well, you aren’t the only one. The style was a major hit back in the 90s. If you think about it, the epoch has left a significant imprint on fashion and beauty universes, and no one would dare deny it. Since many of the trends are making their way back, frosted tips couldn’t stay in the shadows any longer. Should it happen that you have missed the original frosted revolution, it is high time you make the most of it these days, and we will point you in the right direction.


What Are Frosted Tips?

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Before we can move any further, you must be fully aware of what frosted tips hair stands for. Among all the men's hairstyles, frosted tips are mainly related to Justin Timberlake and his bleached locks. The technique is quite basic. All it takes is to highlight the tips of your mane and let the contrast do its job. Aside from making you the center of attention when you enter the room, the dyeing will also add more volume and texture to your hair. Surely, some of you may doubt the 90s variant of frosted tips, but present-day possibilities open up a whole lot of new horizons, and we will prove it to you in just a sec.


Are Frosted Tips Back in The Game When 2023 Hits?

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We realize that Justin Timberlake frosted tips aren’t for all, and thus some of you may falsely assume that a fleeting comeback won’t linger in fashion long. Yet, all it takes is a single look at Rayan Gosling’s The Gray Man appearance during the Chinese Theatre premiere to figure out that the style is here to stay and brings many more variations than its predecessor. Let’s discuss those in further detail, shall we?

Frosted Tip Styles to Rock 2023 in Full Force

Whether it is a longer mane or short cuts that you prefer, there is always some room for frosted tip experiments. See for yourself!


Frosted French Crop

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French crops are extremely required because of their universal appeal and ease of maintenance. However, if you want to add spice to your look, then the frosted tips men wear this season are your next-to-get look!

Tapered Mane with Frosted Tips

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Leaving the frosted tips, the 90s could have been proud of behind is what many men would prefer. Should you belong to the category, you may want to pay some more attention to the tapered cut with sleek frosted tips. The style is utterly casual and manly.


Modern Fade with Curly Frosted Tips

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Dealing with curly locks isn’t the easiest task on the table. While a fade haircut can save the day, you may want something more to make the texture stand out. That is where frosted tips curly hair comes knocking. To take things a little further down the fashion lane, make the tips silvery.

Spiky Quiff with Undercut and Frosted Tips

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Balancing between utterly short cut and longer tresses may be challenging if you don’t know the right approach to the matter. Spiky quiffs have been trending for a while now, but there are a few upgrades to introduce into the look to take it to the next level. Sleek undercuts and frosted tips are precisely the updates to brood upon.

Mid Fade with Frosted Highlights

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Have you noticed how fancy the frosted tips on black hair look? The contrast is quite significant when you want your cut to be spotted from afar. Besides, you can always play around with mid-fades and unusual undercut patterns.


Spiky Faux Hawk with an Undercut

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To keep things classy but not to the point of Ivy League level, you can experiment with a faux hawk. The variety of styles to sport with the cut is pretty impressive. The introduction of frosted tips will make the maintenance process a little trickier, but the result is worth all the effort.

Short Mullet with Trendy Frosted Hair

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What can be trendier than the mixture of two styles in one? Take a classy mullet and enhance it with frosted tips. If you don’t want to take things too far, the slightest frosted touch-ups will deal with the task effectively.

The Killer Combo of Tight Curls and Frosted Tips

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Who said that afro and frosted tips don’t mix well? One look at these amazing hairstyles, and you will want to book an appointment at the closest salon as soon as possible.


Do Frosted Tips Suit Women?

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It is true that frosted tips look great on men, but all the ladies out there may be wondering whether the trend applies to them too. In fact – it does. As you can see, frosted tips and long hair combine more than well. Skillful feathering will help you make the dyeing stand out.

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It’s been mentioned that undercuts and frosted tips go hand-in-hand with one another. If you want to test the theory, we suggest you try a stylish pixie with a sleek undercut and enjoy the outcome.

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There is something irresistible about female fades, and we can’t deny it. Those who want to emphasize the fine line between femininity and strength can use this frosted pixie with a mid fade as a perfect source of inspiration.

More Things to Consider Before Getting Frost Tips

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As appealing as frosted tips look, you may want to be aware of any underwater stones to watch out for. Brood upon the following points before you finalize your decision:

  • Frosted tips will look amazing on longer manes, but anything past the shoulder length will disperse the intended effect.

  • Frosted tips require a fair share of styling and some products to keep the look in shape. Think whether you can afford a few extra minutes in the morning and a few bucks on gels, mousses, and related styling items.

  • It takes around 2 months for the frosted tips to grow out. After that, you may want to schedule a touch-up or cut the tips off.

  • Blonde tips aren’t a limit. You can experiment with other hues as well.

  • Keep a photo on your phone to show the stylist when you hit the road and book an appointment at the salon.

  • Keep away from frosted tips if your hair is already damaged since bleaching will intensify the adverse effect.

Frosted tips have made a major comeback this season, and the style is here to stay. You should better consider the odds and pick an inspiring look to replicate the next time you are headed to the salon.

FAQ: Frosted Hair Tips

Are frosted tips still cool?

Not only the frosted tips are still cool, but they are also back in the game with full force and fresh variants and options to explore.

Can you do frosted tips at home?

You can replicate the look in the safety of your own home. All it takes is a frosting cap and some quality hair dye or bleach. Section your hair evenly and highlight small strands to achieve the desired effect.

Is frosting hair the same as bleaching?

Frosting involves some bleach, but it is not entirely the same thing. Frosted tips are a styling technique, while the bleaching is more of a process.