There are plenty of reasons why you may want to choose a genie ponytail over other hairstyles. Not only is it beautiful and classy but it also protects your hair for a good couple of weeks. What is more, you do not have to book an appointment with your hairstylist to get it, provided you can tie a pony yourself. On top of it, there are plenty of ways to pull off the look, from a regular high genie pony to a barbie ponytail with a swoop. Want to learn more about the style? Wait no longer to explore our guide.


What Do You Call A Genie Ponytail?

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A genie ponytail is a long sleek high ponytail that you tie very tight on the top of your head. It works for all hair types, but if you naturally have short locks, then you may want to add some length to them using extensions or a weave. The latter option makes a genie pony one of the best protective hairstyles for natural hair. To secure the ponytail in place, you may use a metal cuff, a strand of hair or a braid. What we like about this hairstyle is that once done, you can forget about styling your hair for several weeks. Also, it is incredibly versatile, as you can complement the look with bangs, braids and hair accessories.


A Genie Ponytail Step By Step Tutorial

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If you decide to put your locks into a genie pony, then you need to know how to do it. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose the style of the genie pony that you like. Whether it is going to be straight or, maybe, you want to give it some definition, opting for a curly or wavy pony. Depending on this and your natural hair type, you may need to either straighten your tresses with a flat iron or make waves or curls using a curling wand. If you already have the desired texture, then move on to the next step.

  2. Decide where your ponytail is going to be and pull all of your hair upward to that area. Use your fingers to help you push the strands together and a fine tooth comb to eliminate any stray hairs.

  3. Use a hair tie to secure your hair in place. Twist it as many times as needed to ensure the style is tight.

  4. Embellish the pony with a hair accessory of your choice, such as a ring, a hair band, a wire, a cuff and suchlike.

Genie Ponytail Ideas To Get Inspired By

Obviously, there is more than one way to pull off a genie hairstyle and that would be unfair on our part to leave you without a dose of inspiration. So, we have collected the most popular genies for every taste and explained how to get them below.


A Classic Genie Pony On Straight Hair

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If you do not want to reinvent the wheel, then you can simply get away with an original high genie ponytail. In addition to protecting your locks, it also looks polished and sophisticated. So, you are welcome to wear it to both casual and formal events. Besides, it flatters absolutely any shape of the face.

Works best for: Everyone

How to get it: If your hair is not straight initially, then you may need to use a hair straightener to give it the required shape. Then, pull all of your hair up, gather it in one hand, and wrap an elastic band around it twice. Cover the band with a lock of hair.

A Genie For Short Waves

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If your hair is pretty short but you are unwilling to extend your high genie ponytail with weave, you can go for its shorter version. Short genie tails may look as stylish and attractive as long ones. For added emphasis and volume, style it slightly wavy.

Works best for: Oval and square face shapes.

How to get it: Smooth out your hair on the top of your head and brush it back. Then tie it in a high pony as you would do for a classic genie hairstyle. Take a curling wand with a large barrel or a hair straightener and make the hair in your ponytail wavy. If you have natural waves on the head, you can skip the previous step. Accentuate the hair texture by applying a hair styling product to it.


A High Pony Curly On The End

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In case you want your genie pony to retain the aesthetic of the traditional hairstyle while adding a playful touch to it, then this is your way to go. A genie pony with a curly end comes out elegant yet frisky. So, you can never go wrong with it.

Works best for: Heart and round face shapes.

How to get it: Depending on your hair length, you can either put it straight into a high ponytail or get extensions first. Next, use a hair strand or a hair accessory to hide the rubber band. Grab a curling wand and wrap the end of your pony around it. Fix the hairstyle with a spritz of a hair spray.

A Genie On Short Hair

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High ponytail hairstyles look picture perfect even when they are quite short. So, if your locks are not particularly long, do not rush to your hairstylist to put extensions in. You can make the most out of your current hair length by getting a short high pony.

Works best for: Oval and diamond face shapes.

How to get it: One of the best things about this hairstyle is that it looks posh while being very easy to create. All you have to do is to tie your main in a high genie pony. Smooth out any sticking-out hairs so that your pony appears sleek and polished.

A Micro Braided Genie Pony

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Micro braids are a great way to give your ponytail an intricate twist. They work even better for protecting your kinks, which allows you to wear the style longer than normally. Plus, they do not require any adornments, as your hair already looks bold and eye-catching.

Works best for: Oval and square face shapes.

How to get it: To get this hairstyle, you need to know how to micro braid your hair. Yet, for the best result, we suggest asking your hairstylist for help. Once you get your hair micro braided, you can tie it into a high genie pony. For instance, you can try out a slick back braided ponytail with two face-framing braids.


An Elongated Genie Pony With A Silky Finish

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Long smooth shiny hair is the envy of many, if not all, women. If you are one of them, which we are almost sure you are, then this hairstyle is made for you. An extended ponytail shows off all the glory of your locks.

Works best for: Square and round face shapes.

How to get it: Attach hair extensions to achieve a really impressive hair length. Brush it out thoroughly so that the hair is tangle-free and sleek. If your natural tresses lack shine, then you may need to resort to hair products enhancing them. And there you have it – your ultra-long high silky ponytail.

A Genie With Cornrows

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Cornrow braids may spruce up any hairstyle and a genie pony is no exception. Yet again, this is one of those hairstyles that is better to entrust to your hairstylist or braider, as braiding cornrows on your own hair may be a little tricky. The result though is worth the effort.

Works best for: Square and oval face shapes.

How to get it: Given that you already have your hair braided, pull it all up and tie a pony. Optionally, you can leave the hair in the pony loose or braid it too. Do not forget to wrap a braid around your ponytail base.

High Puff Ponytail With Bangs

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Puffed bangs have made a huge comeback recently. So, if you were missing this trend, this is your golden hour. Yet, to bring a modern vibe to it, pair the bangs with a high genie pony. Besides, once you get tired of it, you may switch it to a ponytail with side bangs or a curly genie ponytail.

Works best for: Heart and round face shapes.

How to get it: If you have bangs, then just proceed to the next step. If not, separate a section of hair in front of your face and put it aside. Tie the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. Tease the bangs backward and push them back. Next, connect the bangs to the pony and secure them with bobby pins. Conceal the rubber band and the pins by wrapping a hair lock around the base of the pony.

With a genie ponytail, you may expect your hair to be safe and sound while looking its best. Easy to get, it is a hairstyle of choice of many women across the world no matter their hair texture and length. We hope our guide has helped you to find your perfect genie pony style.



How long does an extended genie ponytail last?

If you put a weave into a genie pony, which instantly makes it a protective hairstyle, it may last for around two weeks. This period depends on many factors, such as how properly you take care of your hair, whether you sleep with a bonnet or scarf, and many others.

How many bundles do you need for a weave genie ponytail?

While it depends on the chosen ponytail, as well as your natural hair thickness and texture, you may need no more than one weave pack or bundle to get the look.

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