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Boho Vibes In Hair

Source: samoylenko_makeup via Instagram

Voluminous Loose Curls #long #wavyhair #halfuphalfdown #braids #accessory

How about you to throw your cap in the air with some boho vibes in your hair? This youthful half-up half-down hairstyle gives a sense of liveliness and freedom, especially when it’s paired with soft balayage highlights. To make your prom look unique, add some boho accessories right in your hairdo.

Low Bun For Elegant Ladies

Source: veronika_belyanko via Instagram

Low Bun For Elegant Ladies #updo #braids #lowbun #accessory

A prom without buns and braids is a night wasted, that’s for sure. Wise girls know that the best way to add some elegance to their look is to get a bun. And when it’s combined with French rope braids, it becomes the trendiest idea ever. Those who are about to find graduation hairstyles for medium hair, this style is a good choice, as there’s a place for your cap to sit.

Bubble Braids For Fancy Look

Source: michaelgrayhair via Instagram

Bubble Braids For Fancy Look #ponytail #bubblepony #bubbleponytail

Are you tired of all those common prom hairstyles? Well, this one is about to turn heads. Though bubble braids are not complicated, they create a fancy look that everybody would like to steal. Just imagine how awesome these cuties will look in a cap. Sounds cool, isn’t that so?

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