Pick prom hairstyles long before the event, if you want to enjoy getting ready for the big night. We know that this task is far from being easy because of the number of mind-blowing hairstyles out there to choose from. Besides, there are so many different dress styles to either emphasize or downplay with the help of your hairstyle.


And should long hairstyles for prom involve a braid, charm, ponytail or fishtail? Well honey, don’t worry! In this photo gallery, you will find popular yet sophisticated formal hairstyles that will compliment your features and your dress.

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Whether you prefer loose hairstyles, half-updos, or updos for long hair, putting your best look forward means complimenting your dress and playing up patterns, necklines, and overall style.

Moreover, it doesn't matter if your dress is a halter, off-the-shoulder, or even mermaid shape, we have the hairstyle to match. Let’s check them out for some major inspo!

Updo Prom Hairstyles

When you want your femininity to be the highlight of your prom look, updo hairstyles come in. Besides, updos have been a classic choice with which you can't go wrong, and below, you're going to see the hottest styles ever worn. If that does not seem like enough options for you, it makes sense to also check out ideas for homecoming hairstyles.


Let Your Hair Updo Be Elegant And Refined At Prom

Prom hairstyles are pretty formal in order to match the momentous occasion. A classic low bun or loose and romantic bun never go out of style, that's why they are ideal for prom hair 2023. On top of that, it’s perfect for sweating it out on the dance floor. If you’re looking for a prom updos for long hair, a curly bun will get your hair off of your neck and out of your face with an air of elegance. Short hair, don’t care? Then you can add extensions for stunning prom hairstyles updos, for example.

The best look for up-dos:

  • Off-the-shoulder dresses continue the air of romanticism with a low and loose wavy bun.
  • Compliment the femininity of lace with an elegant updo.
  • A bare necked dress is also ideal for a side-swept up-do with hanging pieces.
  • Choose a simple dress when it comes to a complicated hairstyle.

Ponytail Hairstyles For Prom Parties

Even though most girls associate ponytail with simplicity, they are something more than that. Ponytails can reveal the beautiful women blossoming inside you, as well as add some volume to your tresses. Once you have a look at these styles, you will change your picture of the ponytail!

If ponytails are one of your go-to long hairstyles, then you’re in luck because they work perfectly for prom! In fact, a prom ponytail is just as sophisticated as the rest. There are lots of easy prom hairstyles to recreate that will work magically if you’ve got another attention-grabbing element to your look. Secure it at the nape of the neck and wrap hair around the hair tie in order to create a seamless finish. Also, you can try it with smooth curls, pin-straight, or a little textured if your dress is flowy or bohemian.

Sleek ponytails pair great with a high or turtle neck dress to play up this accent, by the way. A spaghetti strap dress is also ideal for a ponytail. Because it makes a stellar choice with hairstyles for long hair, steer clear of a dress with an open back or one with any back detail.


Exquisite Low Twisted Ponytails Prom Hairstyles

If you want to show your exquisite taste, then you shouldn’t forget about the hairstyles we are so familiar with. Believe it or not, a simple ponytail can actually look even more dramatic than Hollywood waves or extra-voluminous complicated updo. Never disregard the power of simplicity because it knows how to surprise us. We can talk about ponytails forever, but you should see their beauty with your own eyes. Don’t you find these ponytails to be fabulous? Yes, this simple hairstyle still has something to impress you. You can opt for a messy low ponytail with a side braid, a fishtail braid that graduates to a loose ponytail, as well as let simplicity take over your look and get yourself a low ponytail with slight waves. Do ponytails still look familiar?

Be The Real Queen With A Braided Crown

Rocking braided hairstyles on your special night is certainly more time-consuming. But when it comes to a crown braid, every minute spent is worth it! You don’t have to win prom queen to win with this prom hair updo. An elegant crown braid is romantic yet formal at once, and it will help you stand out from the crowd. Start your braid underneath one ear and gather hair as you go all around your head. Lastly, set with spray for a polished vibe or pull out a few wispy pieces for angelic appeal.

Credit photo: instagram.com/lenabogucharskaya

Does your gown have a strappy back or any unique detail on the back? A crown braid makes the ideal accent for this type of dress while still keeping hair out of the way. Off-the-shoulder gowns with thin straps also pair elegantly with this more ethereal hairstyle.


Crown Braid With Bun Prom Hairstyles

Messy hairstyles have been trendy for a while because of it’s youthful vibe as updos for long hair. Adding texture to a formal up-do is fresh, and it will certainly make you the life of the party! Not only are textured buns ideal as prom hairstyles for long hair but they also look perfect in pictures. Feel free to give your hair some lift at the crown before sweeping it back. Keep your hair smooth and together or try a braided bun for some playfulness.

A textured bun with several pieces hanging loose goes gorgeously with a strapless or sweetheart shaped neckline. A more elegant chignon that is totally pulled up is a beautiful style for a thin-strapped dress. Keep your attention on your dress with a textured bun if your dress has any dramatic pattern or cutouts.

Bun Hairstyles For Prom Night

Now when you go to your hairstylist, you can show him or her these pictures and then ask for advice. Undoubtedly, you will be told that a bun hairstyle will be a perfect complement to your evening dress and add romanсe to your prom look. The best thing is, this hairstyle won’t be a distraction from your dress and accessories. On the contrary, it will emphasize their delicacy. Each of these updos is the elegance in its purest form, isn’t that the way you want to look this night?

Perfect Prom Hairstyles Braided Updos

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

If you wish your prom hair to be pretty and interesting and a bit flirty at the same time, consider adding some braided elements to your hairstyle. In addition to this, these elements may come in various shapes, like fishtails, chignons, and ponytails.


Twisted Prom Hairstyle Updos

Credit photo: instagram.com/sass.and.braids Credit photo: instagram.com/lenabogucharskaya Credit photo: instagram.com/Sarahwhair Credit photo: instagram.com/lenabogucharskaya

Long-haired beauties have a vast range of ‘dos to pick from. But this sleek back combing gradually transferring into a voluminous pony with the charming decoration on top looks so simple and elegant, doesn’t it?

Credit photo: instagram.com/lenabogucharskaya

When you think of buns, the first thing that comes in mind is that they are the last resort option. Yet, when you put just a tiny bit of effort into it, something as majestic as above can come out.

Loose Romantic Prom Hairstyles Updos

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

Now, let’s talk about feminine prom hairstyles. What can be more elegant than updos? They reveal our femininity in the most adorable way: they keep open the most delicate parts of our body. It’s time to show everyone that you’re a woman: open your beautiful shoulders, girl! If you’ve always wanted to wear a lace dress, your prom night is the day to show off in it. How do you like these prom hairstyles updos? Just think of how wonderful they will complement your laced look. it’s all about delicacy and tenderness. Low messy buns with voluminous crown are to die for!

Fairy Prom Hairstyles With Natural Flowers

Credit photo: instagram.com/absolutestrengthstylist Credit photo: instagram.com/sass.and.braids

We can’t have too many flowers, right? If we had our way we would put them everywhere. Do you know that your prom look has no limitations? That means it’s time to adorn everything with flowers, and your hair is not an exception. Since there are no better accessories than ones that give us nature vibes, some natural flowers in your prom hair won’t hurt. The prom easy hairstyles for medium hair you see in the pics are the elegance in its purest form. A full braided updo, a low loose bun with curly front locks, and wavy twisted updo, they all look so fresh with these tiny flowers! If you seek naturalness, these looks are the ones to steal.


Half-Up Prom Hairstyles

When you don't want to put all your hair up to show off the beauty of your locks, half-ups will be your best friends. Despite being pretty simple to create, such hairstyles give a lightweight sense of harmony and femininity, which is what most girls seek for their prom looks.

Simple And Tasteful Braided Half-Up Half-Down

Half-up half-down hairstyles are very on-trend but make for perfect prom hairstyles for a variety of reasons. They combine formality with effortlessness, as well as ooze boho-chic vibes. Furthermore, it’s an easy style to do at home if you don’t plan to head to a salon. This dreamy style works just as easily for prom hairstyles long hair as it does for a shorter cut.

Emphasize a dress with a dramatic front with prom hairstyles for long hair half up half down. As a ‘do for prom hairstyles for wavy hair it’s ideal, but you can easily curl your hair and comb into loose waves if you have a different natural texture. Prom hairstyles half up half down will also keep your hair out of your face so your make-up is intact and Instagram ready all night long!

Bombshell Braids Half-Up: Your Best Friends

You don’t have to wear a crown to still incorporate a braided element to a variety of styles. If you’re lucky enough to have gorgeous long locks then you’ve got a lot of room to sport braided hairstyles. Regardless of the braid you choose, keep hair voluminous. Consider a half-up style with a half braided crown or channel your inner mermaid with a thick fishtail.

There are many styles to choose from for prom hair 2023, so keep in mind the size of your braid and placement. Small accent braids, for example, are great for a busier dress. A side fishtail, in its turn, pairs elegantly with a mermaid shaped dress and continues the streamlined look of a halter dress. Half-up half-down hair with a braided detail shows off neck and chest dress details or even a bare décolletage with a stunning yet simple necklace.


Girly Double Braided Half Up Half Downs

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbysaretta

We just can’t get enough of braids, as they know everything about girly looks! You don’t have to be a professional fashionista to know that prom hairstyles with braids will steal the show: indeed, we all can’t take our eyes from them. So, if you are about to make people fall in love with your hair, these ideas will be in handy. Your prom is the night to remember, and your braided hairstyle is the hairdo to have all eyes on you. How about you to choose one of these prom half up half down hairstyles? They look very glorious and cute at once. It’s so hard to describe the fishtail braid on loose hair because it's too stunning for words! You can also combine your braided hairdo with waves to create a really envious look.

Twisted Half Down Prom Hairstyles

However, it is better to have your own ideas and share them with your hairstylist. Therefore, look through these chic styling options and pick several that you find the most beautiful and tasteful.

Your long loose hair is something you should be proud of. There is a hairstyle that can not only show off the beauty of your hair but also keep your face open. When it comes to special occasions, we are ready to sacrifice everything to look unbelievable. But it actually doesn’t mean that you have to do that, as half up half down hairstyles are all about convenience, too. Just look at these ideas: it seems that long hair has never been so magnificent. You can also get yourself a twisted half up half down with wavy locks or combine it with halo braids on the back of your head. In fact, it’s all up to your imagination. If you want to create a really unique look, then don’t hesitate to be creative.

Down Prom Hairstyles

When you have a gorgeous mane to steal the show the big night, why not get the most of it with the latest down hairstyles? Trust us, once you recreate one of the ideas below, you will be the queen of the spotlight.


Add Accessories For A Charmed Look

Trying to choose from a variety of long hairstyles for prom? We can guarantee you’ll be the most special girl in the room by incorporating sweet hair charms or even a brooch. If your hair is short, sweep it to the side and secure with a charm above the ear to show off your beautiful face. For cute long hairstyles, dress up a simple braid or glam up a less feminine faux hawk with tiny studded gems or pearls.

By the way, solid colors are the perfect backdrop if you want to make your hair the focus of your prom look. However, matching a delicate clip to the sweet detail or color of your dress works well with a dress that has more detail or pattern. Play up the uniqueness of a simple one-shouldered gown with unique charms in your lovely long hair.

Let Your Hair Down

Believe it or not, but if you let your hair down it won’t let you down! Throughout the history of women’s beauty, long loose hair has always been a symbol of femininity. Your prom night is the time when you should let all your beauty dreams come true, so don’t hesitate to show everyone how feminine you are. It’s time to let all of your locks form an amazing voluminous hairstyle.

Look at these pics: it’s so hard to imagine how many envious looks you can catch with one of these beautiful hairdos. The best thing about your prom night is that you can adorn your hair with any accessories and that certainly won’t be “too much!”. All in all, showing that this day is very special for you is essential! Each of these ideas is totally stunning: you can get yourself an accessorized voluminous twisted hairdo or embellish your hair with an elegant twisted ponytail. Which one is to your taste?

Charming Voluminous Waves

How to choose just one when most of them are so pretty? The solution is surprisingly easy: find a professional stylist and consult with him or her. And girls with naturally curly hair have the easiest solution: just be yourself, don’t straighten your amazing curls, there are lots of hairstyles for them, too.

Many girls associate their prom night with waves, and we’re not surprised. Waves are just great, especially when they're long! Their main advantage is that they really can suit any girl, regardless of the hair type, hair length, and hair color you have. In other words, these cuties know how to make your evening look unforgettable.


Clipped Long Prom Hairstyles

Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist Credit photo: instagram.com/juliykravchuk Credit photo: instagram.com/elstile Credit photo: instagram.com/elstile

A full side-swept braid looks perfectly feminine and elegant at the same time. The good news is, all you need to finish this look is basically some charming decorative element with slight, voluminous curls.

Just Wave It!

Credit photo: instagram.com/lenabogucharskaya

Those who don’t want to spend their time on complicated hairdos, here come the easy prom hairstyles you will fall in love with. Just keep in mind that simplicity never fails, so you can look beautiful even if your formal hairstyle takes less than one hour. We know that the majority of women tend to wave their hair, but it doesn’t mean you won’t look unique if you do the same. These pics are living proof: each girl is just unforgettable. Curly hairstyles for prom are the best decision ever, that’s for sure. Whether it’s a slightly wavy hair or posh voluminous waves, you will look absolutely stunning. Waves are so popular not for no reason, after all! A little tip for girls who want to diversify their waves: balayage highlights get on well with wavy hair, as well as slightly highlighted strands.

Braids Prom Hairstyles For Your Inspiration

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbysaretta Credit photo: instagram.com/luxyhair

Once you look at these pics, you will see that each is special in its own way. Slinky dresses and a braided or waved hairstyle form a mesmerizing duo, indeed. You can also add a little wavy accent to your short hair, it will look gorgeous, too. Remember: whatever hairstyle you choose, you will always look special once you take a creative approach to details.

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbysaretta Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbysaretta


Braided Prom Hair For Boho Effect

Credit photo: instagram.com/amythemermaidx

Bohemian hairstyles are magnets for people’s eyes. All in all, they’re inspired by naturalness, which girls always try to achieve in their looks. Braids have always been popular with us girls because they are gorgeous and ageless. If you find braids to be attractive, why don’t you let them be a part of your unforgettable night? Look at these pictures: have you seen more amazing hairdos than these prom hairstyles for long hair? The best thing about them is that you can adorn your hair with flowers,  thus complementing your look in a spring-inspired way. Wondering what dress would be the best to sport with braids? Braids and strapless dresses form the best duo ever.

Prom Hairstyles With Floral Ringlets

Every girl wants her prom to be a day to remember, that’s why we all try so hard to reach perfection in our looks. How do you like these ideas? Even though waves are frequently chosen by graduates, they can create a unique look for everyone. How about a posh ponytail updo with framing twisted locks around the crown, for example? Or how about you to focus on volume: the more volume your waves give you the better. In case you are fond of elegant hairstyles that can keep your face open, just look at our pic: there are hairdos you are looking for.

Loose Messy Buns


FAQ: Prom Hairstyles

Should I wear hair up or down for prom?

Nobody says prom hair has to be done in an updo. You can go for smooth straight hair, beachy waves or bouncy curls. Don’t show up to prom dressed and styled like you are every day at school and make sure your hair falls below the top of your dress if you usually wear it down and loose.

What are the best party hairstyles?

  1. Elegant Bun.
  2. Top Knot.
  3. Princess-inspired half updo.
  4. Relaxed Waves.
  5. Faux fishtail half updo.
  6. Twist Back Hair.
  7. Short Hair Hollywood Waves.

When should I get my hair done for prom?

Because everyone is rushing to finish things, make sure you plan your visit to hairstylist no later than one month in advance. If you’re going to handle your own hair and makeup, now is the time to start experimenting with different styles at home.

  • Get inspired by these cute, easy hairstyle ideas for prom. Source