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Flattering Haircuts For Long Faces

You need to do choose the haircuts for long faces that best match your facial structure, hair texture and personality! Every face is unique in its own way. Whether you have big doe eyes or small, almond-shaped eyes, the right haircut can play up your gorgeous facial features. Longer faces call for their own style. Actresses like Hilary Swank, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Liv Tyler have longer faces and manage to pull off the perfect look.

Thus, focus solely on those hairstyles for long faces that will enhance your facial features. Bangs are an excellent option for those with an oblong face as it takes away from the length and adds a soft, sensual feel.

If you have a long face, you’d better avoid hairstyles for round faces. Your hairstyle should hide your flaws rather than accentuate them.

Adding layers and different textures and colors can always add flair to your style. We have taken the time to compose a list of our favorite haircuts for long faces that range from elegant to sassy. So, take your pick and find the best hairstyles for face shapes that fit your unique style and flair!

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