Gorgeous Haircuts For Long Faces To Flatter Your Facial Structure

Flattering Haircuts For Long Faces

You need to do choose the haircuts for long faces that best match your facial structure, hair texture and personality! Every face is unique in its own way. Whether you have big doe eyes or small, almond-shaped eyes, the right haircut can play up your gorgeous facial features. Longer faces call for their own style. Actresses like Hilary Swank, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Liv Tyler have longer faces and manage to pull off the perfect look.


Thus, focus solely on those hairstyles for long faces that will enhance your facial features. Bangs are an excellent option for those with an oblong face as it takes away from the length and adds a soft, sensual feel.

If you have a long face, you’d better avoid hairstyles for round faces. Your hairstyle should hide your flaws rather than accentuate them.

Adding layers and different textures and colors can always add flair to your style. We have taken the time to compose a list of our favorite haircuts for long faces that range from elegant to sassy. So, take your pick and find the best hairstyles for face shapes that fit your unique style and flair!

Boho Braided Beauty

Haircuts for long faces can be styled in a variety of ways. This Bohemian take on the traditional braid will add some pizzaz to your style. To achieve this style, the only trick you will need is to know how to make a simple braid. To start, separate your hair into two sections and spray with a quality working hair spray. Next, curl with a medium-barreled curling wand starting at the bottom, curling the hair away from the face on both sides. Next, brush all of the curls into two large, separate curls. Then take a thick section from behind your ear and braid into a tight fishtail braid, securing the ends with a clear elastic hair tie. Finally, wrap the braid across your forehead, securing with a pin under your hair. This retro chic look also works great for straight or naturally wavy hair.

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Sexy Bedhead

This look is made for those who want a soft and sultry look for their shorter hair. To style, run a volumizing mousse through your towel-dried hair and then use your fingers to create additional volume and lift. For extra texture, add pomade to the ends and flat iron your fringe. This seductive look is both flirty and playful.

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Big Bouncy Curls

This provocative style, with its center part and bouncy loose curls looks glamorous, sophisticated and will add plenty of volume and movement to your locks. Spritz your dry hair with a heat protectant and comb until evenly distributed. Section your hair into the desired size (curls can range from small, tighter curls to larger, looser curls based on your preference and the size of your curling iron). Next, spray each section with a styling spray and comb through evenly. Then curl each section, pinning it to your head with a pin curl. When all of your hair is curled, apply the styling spray and give it a minute to settle completely. Unpin the curls one at a time until they all fall seductively. Finger comb your hair until the curls form gorgeous ringlets and use a finishing or shine spray to define the curls.

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Shaggy Layers with Long Bangs

Long, eye-grazing bangs really flatter those with a longer face. Long shaggy layers that frame the cheekbones really play up this flirty hairstyle. To style, add a volumizing mousse evenly from the ends to the mid-length and blow dry your hair with a medium round brush. Next, wrap your dried hair vertically around a large curling iron, starting no higher than your cheekbone and curling away from your face. Run your fingers softly through your curls to define them and shake them loose.

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Short and Sassy Shag

This short yet sassy do is perfect for those who want a shorter cut with some edge. It is daring, yet still classy enough to wear to the office or a formal event. A frontal or side swept fringe adds a flirty look to this adorable cut. To style, add a small amount of gel to your towel-dried hair and then blow dry your hair “back forward” so it frames your face and flatters your cheekbones and eyes. Finally, add some pomade for additional texture.

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Rocker Chick Chic

This look is a bit edgier and daring, but also stylish and sophisticated. Side bangs and heavy layers around the face will make oblong faces appear fuller and will really accentuate your facial features. To achieve this sexy rocker-chick look, towel- dry your hair and then apply smoothing cream. Then blow dry your hair with a paddle brush to make it smooth and shiny. Then, if needed, flat iron your hair for additional smoothness. Some funky highlights or an ombre style can help you rock this look any time of day.

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Punky Pixie

This adorable pixie is one of the most flattering haircuts for long faces. It works great if you want to add some width to your oblong face and add some fullness to your cheeks. The piecey style with slight sideburns will frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. This look doesn’t have to be too defined. It has a carefree and slightly disheveled look for a playful feel. First, apply your favorite styling product to your wet hair. We recommend a good styling mousse or cream. Next, blow-dry your hair using your fingertips rather than a brush or comb. Then apply a styling wax or pomade to random sections to achieve a sexy, piecey look. This cut works great with toned bayalges or funky streaks.

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Lovely Straight Bob

A straight and blunt, shoulder-length bob looks flirty and fun. However, in order to work for a long face, this hair style should have a bit rounded cut. Thus, it will be able to soften your overall look in an ideal way. Also, it is advisable to opt for an interesting color, especially if you have fair complexion that needs to be warmed up. Adding a pop of color is always a great way of achieving a bold and fresh look.

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Nice Wavy Layered Hairstyle

Layers will definitely flatter your long face, especially if your hair is fine. Layers make your hair appear more voluminous. And volume, in its turn, adds that desired width to your long face. And loose waves, apart from fitting your long face shape, can save you much time when you style the hair. It is so because loose waves are so easy to achieve in case your hairstyle is layered and your hair is prone to waving.

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Try Bangs For Long Faces

Bangs are ideal for women with an oblong face shape as they can make it appear shorter. Long faces tend to have high foreheads, and bangs will hide that length. Stylists advise women with oblong face shapes to stay away from long hairstyles as they can draw their face down. However, with the appropriate bangs, you can even have knee-length hair. Just avoid way too short and heavy bangs, and all the others will flatter your face shape. The best bangs will balance your strong cheekbones and shorten the face length.

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Side Bangs

When it comes to side bangs, the long face is the best platform to experiment. The most distinct features of an oblong face are a pointy chin and wide forehead. The advantage of the side bangs is that they fall right in the middle of your face creating that required horizontal line to make your face a little bit wider. These heavy side bangs narrow the wide forehead and add that gentle softness to your look.

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Loose Waves

One of the most important things about your perfect look is your perfect hair. If you have a long shaped face, then these twists and waves will be your perfect hairdo, as they flatter your face and make it seem rounder. If you want to add up some volume to the sides, then these cute waves will only be the win for you!

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Textured Bob With Side Part

Are you looking for the perfect way to frame your oblong face? We have a way out! A side part will leave one side of your face hidden while showing the other, accentuating your cheekbones. The asymmetry of this bob also brings in additional advantage to an oblong face shape. See for yourself!

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Rainbow Silky Style

Paint your hair in bright favorite colors, create a ladder, and be a princess who amazes everyone.

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Lovely Messy Bun

Create a big playful messy bun at the top and admire your new look.

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