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3. Long Layers With Choppy Bangs

Source: Evalam_ via Instagram

Layered Hairstyles for Long Faces with Choppy Bangs

With its longer layers at the cheekbones and eye-grazing choppy fringe, this style will really elongate your face.

To style, apply volumizing mousse only to the mid-length and roots of your hair. Use a medium round brush to blow dry and then wrap your hair in sections vertically around a large barreled curling iron. Make sure to start no higher than your cheekbones and curl away from your face. When the curls are cooled, use your fingers gently to loosen. Finish with a flexible hold spray.

4. Powerful Pixie

Source: Athanasia_zografos via Instagram

Pixie Hairstyles for Long Faces

With the longer fringe in front, this slightly edgy pixie will make your face more even. A two-toned balayage or some bold streaks will give this style some added oomph.

To style, apply your favorite styling product and thermal protectant, blow dry with a styling brush and then straighten the longer sections with a flat iron. Apply a texturizing product.

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