When it comes to Halloween hairstyles for short hair, the options are not as limitless as for those with the long hair, but it does not mean that they can’t be as fun. This is the time when you can let yourself get as crazy as you wish without any fear of being misunderstood or misjudged. In order to at least give an idea of what you may opt for, we gathered these stunning dos here.


Elf Halloween Hairstyle

Halloween hairstyles for short hair can help you elevate the enchantment of elven culture to the fullest. Imagine yourself becoming a mythical queen of elves with your blonde bob styled with light and ethereal waves. Or take the matter to the next level and dye your looks silver to resemble night elves. You can opt for regal headpieces to intensify the magical vibe. Don’t forget that your makeup plays a significant part, too.


Anime Style For Short Hair

Becoming your favorite anime character for a day is a great idea. However, you must be ready to commit to a vibrant hair color since neutrals have little place in the anime universe. A cotton-candy layered mane or a black-and-white lob are precisely the ideas to pursue. You can implement various significant decorative elements and accessories into the looks to spread a deeper meaning only the chosen ones will guess.

Halloween Mermaid Look

Halloween Mermaid Look
Source: adlydesign/Instagram

Halloween hairstyles for girls are probably the most versatile ones. But sometimes staying yourself is the best way out, maybe just an upgrade or two will do. Leave your locks loose and let everyone envy you!

While some women think that short hair puts limits on styling choices, it can actually be a stunning base for your Halloween experiments! Whatever character you want to recreate, some glitters and temporary hair dyes are all you need to steal the show.


Flower Fairy Halloween Look

If you want your look to be all about lots of glitters, eye-catching fairylike colors, and unbelievable face paints, the best hairstyles are the easiest ones. Just wave or curl your short locks or use pins so that they look voluminous and bouncy, and that’s enough to enhance the look!

Candy Girl Style For Fun Halloween Party Look

Candy Girl Look With Ponytail
Source: dana.pixie/Instagram

Hairstyles with accessories are so much fun. You can put in your hair literary anything, so you can be as unique as you possibly can. Besides, the stores are full of Halloween decorative elements, pick yours!


Asymmetric Green Halloween Magic

Bold green hair seems to be the huge trend for everyone who wants to show up with a terrifying and fascinating horror look. The best thing is, it looks awesome with different bob hairstyles, which is another reason for you to be proud of your short haircut. Anything from wavy to sleek, uniform or asymmetric, would work cool!

Scary Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

For those whose primary intention is to look as scary as possible during Halloween, we also have something in store. But we must warn you, be ready to have lots of hairspray and paint in your hair, not to mention the decorative elements!

Up Styled Hair For Girls

Halloween hairstyles can refer to the past, present, or future. For example, a nice up-styled bold green pixie or bob won’t ruin anyone’s party, quite on the contrary. If you admire Pink, it is your time of glory, do not miss it!


Crazy And Fun Hairstyles For Halloween Party

If there is a party ahead, you should think about your look in advance and try your best to outshine anyone. In case you still have no idea on what to do with your hair, grab one of our suggestions and surely you won’t regret!

Bob haircuts can be as different as you want them to be. So how about you to reveal their magical side by making your bob the highlight of your Halloween look? Be it waves, layers, bob with bangs or the classic cut, it will take your spooky look to the next level once you embellish it with two or more bright tones.

Hairstyles For Halloween Clown Looks

Clowns are not just funny; some of them can be scary and even sexy! And, trust us, there’s no better way to create a stylish and authentic clown hairstyle than to lift your bob in the fullest way possible. Also, some funky colors surely won’t hurt!

Super Easy Halloween Makeup Look With Two Colored Short Hair

Super easy halloween Makeup look With Two Colored Short Hair
Source: alineh_a/Instagram

If you already sport a vibrant side-swept pixie, all it takes is to compliment your unique mane with appropriate sugar skull makeup. Go for the primary shades that correspond with those captured in your hair, and add some sparkle just to enhance the festive vibe.

In case sugar sculls aren’t your cup of tea, you can test and try other types of makeup that you wouldn’t wear on a daily basis. A word of advice – gems and rhinestones will guide you in the right direction.


Halloween Witch Hairstyles

Source: Shutterstock

Being a classy witch during the Halloween season does not suit all. If you want to stand out, we suggest you try on a mysterious Victorian-era witch image. A sleek and polished updo with a ghost-white face, streaks of blood, and an elegant black dress are the attributes to invest your time and effort in. The outcome will be breathtakingly horrible and captivating.

Neon Jelly Fish Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

Neon Jelly Fish Layered Hairstyles With Bangs
Source: hairgod_zito/Instagram

How do you feel about capturing the mystery of oceanic depths in your hair? Well, neon jellyfish hues are all about enigmas and ultimate awe. Moreover, you can make your hair look even more peculiar and unique by opting for a layered pixie with a daring undercut. Surely, it is a style to commit to, but who says that Halloween is a one-day holiday? We say – it is a state of mind, and it is gorgeous!

FAQ: Halloween Hairstyles For Short Hair

How do I make my hair look short?

Make a ponytail or a bun with your hair. For a “shorter” look, allow the shorter layers of your hair to hang loose, while pulling the rest of your longer hair back and out of the way. Thus it will appear that you have a shorter cut from the front.

What are some good hairstyles for short hair?

  • Messy Updo.
  • Bun with Braids.
  • Triple Twisted Buns.
  • Short Curls.
  • Pull-Through Braids.
  • Pixie.
  • Twisted Half Ponytail.