Often, we are told that the right products and proper styling are the core concepts of a healthy and glowing mane. However, there's another crucial factor to add to the mix – how often should you cut your hair. You'd be surprised what a regular trim would do for the hair growth and the general state of your locks. So, what are the periods between the trim depending upon your hair type and texture? It's time to find out all the answers, explained in detail!


How Often Should You Cut Your Hair According to the Length?

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If you want to know how often should you cut your hair for growth, you should with the hair length since it has a direct impact on the trimming intervals.

How Often Should You Get a Haircut?
Very Short Hair   every 1-3 weeks
Short Hair   every 2-7 weeks
Medium Hair   every 2-3 weeks
Long Hair   every 2-4 month


Trims for Short Hair

So, how often should you trim your hair if you have short tresses? According to the most professional hair length chart, people with short locks need to trim the ends within 2-4 weeks. This will help you keep the style intact and ensure that the mane looks fresh and well-cared for.

Trims for Medium Locks

Now, people with mid-length manes – how often should you get a haircut? With the best hair tips in mind, it is safe to state that you can be a little lazier than those with short cuts. It is allowed to wait until you reach the 8-12-week point before you plan your next visit to the salon.


Trims for Cut Long Hair

You may be already aware of how to sleep with long hair, yet you are missing some basic info on how often you should trim it. The experts say that long tresses are the most forgiving of all. Thus, you can wait up to 6 months before you schedule a meeting with your hairdresser. However, you should keep in mind that the longer your hair is, the older the strands are, so if you notice any breakage or split ends, you shouldn't postpone the next trim until half a year is passed.

How Does Your Hair Texture Affect the Trimming Requirements?

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When you learn how often should you wash your hair based on your texture, you may falsely assume that the texture has no effect on other factors. Yet, the assumption is misleading. A regular haircut also depends on the texture.


How Often Should You Trim Thick Tresses?

Coarse hair seems to be more susceptible to the damage that comes its way. That is why known hair professionals state that you can trim it as often as every six months. Yet, do not forget that the length has a say in the situation too.

How Often Should Be Trimmed Curly Hair?

With curly hair, things get a little easier yet complicated at the same time. There's no defined period to bring out to your attention. The best thing you should do is to watch out for matted hair. The moment you notice that your curls start to lose their pattern and look dull and unattractive – it's time.

When Should You Trim the Fine Tresses?

Now, how often should you get your hair trimmed if you have fine locks? Contrary to thick manes, finer ones are more susceptible to damage. Thus, you should trip it more often. The essential pointer here is to watch out for the length you sport.

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When to Trim the Straight Locks?

How often should I cut my hair if I have straight hair? Some women dream about having straight manes, yet, you should know that straight hair grows out quite shabby. That is why regular trims on a monthly basis, or at least every two months, are a must.

When Should You Trim Natural Tresses?

How often should I cut my hair if it is natural? The answer is simple – every 3-4 months. If you keep the ends properly moisturized, you'll face no other problem that would force you to head to the salon faster. However, if you have your locks treated chemically, you should reduce the in-between trims period to 8 weeks.

Do You Need to Trim Your Bangs?

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Some people assume that once 'when I need a haircut, I'll trim the bangs too.' However, that is not the case. Surely, it depends upon the type of bangs you sport. Curtain and wispy bangs can go longer without trimming. Yet, straight bangs should be trimmed on a monthly basis.


Clear Signs That You Need a Trim Right Now

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Just annoying as greasy hair is, so unappealing untrimmed tresses look. Aside from the texture and length of your mane, there are other clear indicators that it's time for getting a haircut. They are the following:

  • Noticeable split ends

  • Constant tangling

  • The ends look sticky and gummy

  • No pattern visible to your curly hair

  • Split ends travel up the tresses

Once you notice any of those signs or all of them at once – head to the salon immediately!

How often should you cut your hair? While that is the matter of styling preferences, regular trims are a must no matter the cut you sport. Consider the texture and the length of your mane to find the absolute best trimming period.


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Do frequent trims boost hair growth?

When you keep it cut well, your hair will be healthier. Thus, it will look like it grows faster. However, there’s no direct connection between the trimmed ends and your roots.

Is it bad to constantly cut your hair?

The answer is both positive and negative. The fact is that if you see no visible damage to your hair, there’s no use to cut it as often. On the contrary, if you leave the locks unattended, they will look shabby, dull, and damaged.

What happens if you don’t cut your hair for a year?

The only thing that can happen if you don’t trim your tresses for a year is the split ends traveling up and ruining the length you supposedly aim at.

Is it bad to cut my hair every week?

Those of you who sport edgy cuts, such as buzz cuts and all sorts of undercuts, may need to trim the tresses weekly. Other than that, there is no reason for cutting your hair that often.

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