If you have ever tried to bleach your locks, then it is most likely you need to know how to fix orange hair. An orange tone is an often side effect of bleaching or trying to turn your dark hair blonde at home. If you notice that your hair got brassy, do not get upset. This is something you can fix pretty easily. Our guide will tell you more.


What Causes Orange Hair

What CausesOrange Hair

There is more than one reason why your hair may turn orange. The color we naturally have is made of several pigments. Dark hair is pigmented with red undertones, which make black and brown hair colors look so deep and rich. However, when brunettes try to become blonde, more often than not their hair turns orange because this red pigment shows up. So, how to strip color from hair that is dark? Start with getting your hair yellow first, which means that there is not much red left. Then, you will be able to neutralize this color using a purple toner and apply the desired blonde hair dye afterward.

If you have bleached hair but it is still orange instead of blonde, this may happen because you did not leave the bleach in for enough time. Depending on your initial hair color, the bleaching time may vary. Often, women with dark hair worry that the bleach is going to damage their locks, thus removing it too soon. Applying a hair dye, in this case, will not change much.


How To Fix Hair That Has Turned Orange After Coloring

Fix Hair Color at Home

So, you colored your hair and it became orange, what is next? How to get brassiness out of hair? There are several ways out for you. Below we have put together the most effective ways of how to fix orange hair.

Use Purple Or Blue Shampoos

Brassiness in blonde hair can be removed with the help of a toner. This also applies to brassiness hair in darker shades reveal. The choice of a toner depends on the color you need to neutralize. For yellow brassy hair, you should use a purple shampoo while for toning orange hair, a blue shampoo will work much better. However, do not expect your orange hair to turn blonde magically. You will most likely get light brown hair. The time of application depends on various factors. But remember that you should not necessarily wait for the toner to fully develop if you are content with the color you have at some stage.


Lightening Orange Hair

When color correction hair does not work, you can try more drastic measures, such as lighting your hair further. So, no matter whether you did not get the needed yellow because your locks remained too dark or you just had not allowed the bleach much time to do its job, you can repeat the procedure. Simply put, how to get orange out of your hair at home? Reapply the bleach. But, make sure there is a week or more between the procedures if you do not want to damage your locks greatly.

Dye Your Orange Hair a Darker Color

What if a toning shampoo for orange hair, as well as the second bleaching, did not give you the desired effect? You can always go back to darker hair color. Yet, it is better to entrust this task to an expert, as you may end up heading to the hair salon anyway. They know better how to fix orange hair with box dye so that you are happy with the result and your hair is not burnt to the roots. So, next time when considering how much to tip a hairdresser, do not skimp on it.

Now that you know how to fix orange hair, there is no excuse for you to walk with brassy locks. As you can tell, you have quite a few options of how to fix orange hair after bleaching or dyeing, so feel free to use any of them whenever needed. And keep in mind that to transition from brunette to blonde, you can never go wrong with calling your hair colorist.

How to Get Brassiness Out of Hair


How to Fix Orange Hair - FAQ

Will baking soda get rid of orange hair?

Baking soda can make your hair lighter and also it can help you to remove brassiness. So, you can try to add a pinch of it to your favorite shampoo and mix it with water.

Will vinegar tone down brassy hair?

Rinsing your hair with vinegar can make it look less brassy. Thus, you can easily create a solution at home. Luckily, there are plenty of hair rinses you can choose from.

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