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Simple Braided Bun Tutorial

Source: Alex Gaboury via Youtube

Simple Braided Bun Tutorial #braidedbun #hairtutorial #easyhairstyles

There are no hairstyles lovelier than those that feature braids, that’s for sure. And if you feel the same, you will love this tutorial. Meet the easiest way on how to make a hair bun with long hair:

  1. Section off your crown, creating a ponytail.
  2. Leave the front section for a future braid.
  3. Start braiding your hair like a regular braid, leaving a little strand to curl it: divide your hair into three sections, crossing the right section over the middle one, and the left section over the middle.
  4. Once your braid reaches your ears, incorporate it in the ponytail and tie it off with another band.
  5. Twist the ponytail around the base and enjoy!
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