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3-Minute Elegant Bun Hairstyle

Source: MakeupWearables Hairstyles

3 Minute Elegant Bun Hairstyle

You won’t believe it unless you give it a try! All those feminine hairstyles we see today look so voluminous and posh that we can’t even imagine how quick they are to achieve. Follow these steps to save some time and look beautiful at once!

  1. Prep your hair with hairspray or wax to add some texture to the hairstyle.
  2. Start by parting your hair into four sections.
  3. Secure the side sections with clippers so that they won’t bother you.
  4. Then, section off the crown and create a knot out of it.
  5. Take the lower layer of your hair and do a low ponytail.
  6. Before twisting your hair into a low bun, you can run your fingers through it to give it more movement and volume.
  7. Twist your pony into a low bun, securing it with some pins.
  8. Now, take the sides and twist them into the bun, wrapping them around the base.
  9. With the top crown sections (the knot), repeat the same steps, pulling the edges and securing everything with bobby pins.
  10. Your super easy updo is ready to be coated with hairspray!

Main photo by Lenabogucharskaya