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Side Parted Wavy Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Side Parted Wavy Shoulder Length Hairstyle #asianhairstyles #hairstyles #lobhairstyle #wavyhair

Luckily for creative ladies, there are no Asian hairstyles highlights can’t spice up. On the contrary, Asian ladies love individualizing popular hairstyles with color accents. A shoulder-length bob is cute and convenient, but when it’s styled to the side, waved, and highlighted, it reaches the new level.
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Side Parted Long Shag

Side Parted Long Shag #asianhairstyles #hairstyles #longhair

In most cases, long Asian hair looks flawless without additional styling. Yet, you can make the most out of it by adding the part to your most flattering side. In case you’re unsure whether to curl or straighten it, try out beach waves, which is basically a combination of both textures.
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Straight Long Hair

Straight Long Hair #asianhairstyles #hairstyles #longhair

It’s a good way to show off your gorgeous Asian hair by simply wearing it straight. Make sure though that it’s in a perfect condition. If not, you can apply some hair oil or leave-in conditioner, which will provide you with extra slickness and shine. Additionally, toning your locks smoky silver will create an illusion of metallic sheen.
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