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High Bun Hairstyle

High Bun Hairstyle #asianhairstyles #hairstyles #bunhairstyle #greyhair

You aren’t new to the high bun hairstyle. But if you wear it, wear it as stylishly as Asian ladies! A soft greyish tint will make even the simplest hairstyle pop. And that’s their secret!
Source: hello.chantelle via Instagram

Gentle And Girly Double Braids

Gentle And Girly Double Braids #asianhairstyles #hairstyles #braids

If you love simplicity and classics as much as we do, the girly double braids are enough to make you feel happy with your hairstyle. Again, Asian women’s hairstyles never look plain as their colors always do the talking. Try a slight ombre to make casual styles stand out!
Source: flamcis via Instagram

High Pony For Long Hair

High Pony For Long Hair #asianhairstyles #hairstyles #ponytail #longhair

No wonder that even simple Asian ponytail hairstyles look super unique. Obviously, the tight and straight pony with some framing front strands doesn’t take a lot of time to get it done. Yet, it creates a confident, sexy look.
Source: ltnda via Instagram

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