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Half Up Ponytail

Half Up Ponytail #asianhairstyles #hairstyles #ponytail

The good thing about the half up ponytail is that it takes the hair off, up and away from the face while still flashing the splendor of your Asian thatch. For a more uniform style, wrap a couple of hair strands around the hair tie to hide it.
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Side Braids For Parties

Side Braids For Parties #asianhairstyles #hairstyles #braids

Now, it’s time to yield to the charm of the most popular Asian hairstyles women of all ages will always adore. It’s a perfect idea to pop at festivals or parties, and all you need is to be as creative as never before: color your hair pastel shades, give it some braids, finish the look with fancy accessories. Don’t be shy to stand out!
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Half Up Bun For Long Hair

Half Up Bun For Long Hair #asianhairstyles #hairstyles #longhair

To create a more casual homelike look, gather the hair on top in a half bun, which is also called a top knot. The rest of the hair can be left loose or curled with a large barrel curling wand for a soft effect. This hairstyle is perfect for petite Asian girls as with all the volume on top, it helps to elongate their features.
Source: ltnda via Instagram

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