Fast and Easy Updos You Can Actually Do

Easy Updos Do Exist!

Some girls find it hard to believe that there are easy updos in the modern fashion world. Such hairdos, most of all, look so delicate and elegant that it seems that they take hours to get it done. Let’s get rid of this weird stereotype! There is one thing you should remember: simplicity is genius.


We want you to know that you don’t have to spend all your time on a hairstyle to look beautiful: you just need to know some tricks. Elegance is a synonym for perfection. And updos can let you come closer to it. It’s time to put your beautiful hair up!

Easy Updos For Short Hair

Source: absolutestrengthhair via Instagram

A bun is one of the most popular easy updos for short hair. It has plenty of variations, that’s why we love it so much. If you don’t know why girls opt for updos, a low twisted bun will tell you the reason. Just look at this pic: all of your hair is twisted neatly, creating a very gentle silhouette. Your beautiful face is open, while your hair is styled in an awesome girly way. It looks wonderful. That’s the reason!


Natural Curls With A Peek-A-Boo

Source: presleypoe via Instagram

There’s no way curly girls won’t fall in love with this unbelievable idea. All those short-haired beauties who feel that they’ve run out of styling ideas, have a look at this pic! Your precious curls can turn into something absolutely stunning! How about you to try such an eye-catching coloring technique as peek-a-boo? Nothing looks better than amazing fluorescent shades on naturally curly hair. A voluminous high bun is to die for, don’t you think so?


Elegant Updo On Medium Hair

Source: salonxvi via Instagram

Girls with medium hair length, you’re in luck. A happy medium between hair lengths gives you a lot of space for your imagination. The variety of easy updos for medium hair is just infinite, which is good for us! This elegant updo is a must-try for every lady: it’s simple, yet absolutely lovely. To complement your look, adorn this exquisite low bun with some hair accessories.


Easy Braided Bun For Medium Hair

Source: kykhair via Instagram

If you are about to spice up your daily look, why don’t opt for messy buns? Some girls prefer to show how daring they are, and a cool hairdo is the best way. A messy high bun with your hair braided on the sides can be a good idea to freshen up hot summer days.


Braided Space Buns

Source: nyane via Instagram

Space-inspired looks have always been attractive to us. They are colorful and kind of magical. Believe it or not, braids are not as usual as you think. How do you like the idea of a braided bun? Sounds cool, right? It can be even more awesome: get yourself two braided buns and be ready for the most flattering compliments.

Pink Braided Crown

Source: nyane via Instagram

It’s not a secret that men call their ladies queens. How ambitious are you? If you want to show everyone that you’re a queen, it’s time to shine brightly. Your long hair is your crown, so you should wear it like a queen. It’s so easy to braid your hair all over the crown, right? You can dye it to a soft pastel pink shade to add some charm.

Natural Pony With Bobby Pins

Source: micaelaverrelien via Instagram

Do you know that bobby pins can complement your hairstyle as an accessory? A simple low ponytail can turn into a fascinating hairdo, just place some pins on the front sides! This idea reminds us of a crown: here comes another proof that all women are queens.


Elegant French Twist

Source: elstilespb via Instagram

A French twist is a never-ending classic in the updos’ world. Whether you want to get a hairstyle for work or a special occasion is just around the corner, such a hairstyle is essential for every woman to try. Your hair is twisted delicately on the back, while some of your front locks are left to frame your face. Simplicity never fails!

Simple Bun For Every Day Wearing

Source: josecorella via Instagram

Even though daily looks are not about formal style, it’s very important to diversify it from time to time. We appear in public, after all! A simple bun can adorn your days and save your time in the morning. Put on makeup, brush your hair, do a high bun. Voila! Your casual look is ready.

Big Colored Braid

Source: katkolors via Instagram

Feel like there is a lack of colors in your life? Add some brightness to your daily routine! The colors we see every day can affect our mood, so your hair color must be as pleasing as possible. That means you should mix all the favorite ones! Look at this colorful French braid. It’s a look to steal.


High Braided Ponytail With Head Scarf

Source: hair_by_zolotaya via Instagram

You know that a high ponytail is ageless. Classic things are amazing because they suit anyone, but how about you to add something new to it? We need to be creative if we want to look unique. Braid your high ponytail! Braids won’t hurt, as well as stylish headbands or scarves. That’s all you need to look inspiring!

Side Braided Ponytail

Source: hairby.alyssa via Instagram

We will never get tired of ponytails. They work for any girl with any hair type and hair length. If your hair is fine enough, you can do a tight high ponytail. Girls with thin hair can get themselves a side ponytail with braided elements and pull the edges to make hair look fuller. Let this magic in your life! Such a versatile ponytail won’t ever let you down.

Flowered Low Bun

Source: jenniekaybeauty via Instagram

Women can’t have too much of flowers, right? Let more flowers in your life! A flowered updo is the loveliest decision ever. There’s no better way to appreciate spring than putting some flowers in your low bun. This updo gets on well with long and thick hair: it can calm all your hair down, showing off the fullness of your locks in a cute girly way.


Easy Updos For Thick Hair

Source: hair.x.haley via Instagram

Though thick hair looks beautiful, it can be troublesome sometimes. So here comes one of the most amazing easy updos for thick hair. Pull through double braids look so voluminous that it’s hard to take our eyes off them. It’s a good way to calm down your thick locks, as all your hair is gathered into two gorgeous braids.

Easy Updos For Thin Hair

Source: emmachenartistry via Instagram

Obviously, the only things that thin hair needs are some fullness and volume. Don’t get desperate, thin hair is not a disaster! Just remember that it looks better when it’s styled in a messy way. Look at this updo. Actually, it’s even easier than most of the easy updos for thin hair. Just do a messy bun, pull some hair on the crown and wave your front locks. A headband will come in handy!

Top Knot Long Curls

Source: kykhair via Instagram

Here comes another good idea for everyone. It doesn’t matter what hair type, hair length, and hair color you have. Such an easy updo can embellish absolutely every look. It looks gorgeous on long wavy hair, this pic is living proof. If you want to freshen up your short or medium hair, just keep in mind: a top knot has no limitations!


Soft Twist-Wrapped Bun

Source: The Freckled Fox via YouTube

We won’t leave you without some tutorials! The best way to get convinced that there are many easy updos you can do yourself is to try one of them. Those who are looking for easy updos for long hair step by step, you are in the right place. Follow these steps to get a cute updo:

  1. Divide your hair into three sections, as if you’re drawing a line behind each ear.
  2.  Pull two chunks forward and two chunks to the back.
  3. Do a ponytail on the back, pulling the hair tie over half of your hair.
  4. Then, pull the tie again over half-way and wrap it back. Make sure that this knot is tight enough!
  5. Pull up the base of your bun to give more volume, securing loose pieces with pins.
  6. Start doing a braid, incorporating all the hair on the front side.
  7. The front section should go over to the back!
  8. Once your braids reach your ears, twist each section counterclockwise first and then clockwise.
  9. Secure your braids with a tie!
  10. Now, pull the hair out to create a full, voluminous silhouette.
  11.  Take the front sections and wrap them around the bun, pinning the end inside of your bun.
  12. Coat your updo with a hairspray.

Simple Low Bun

Source: Alex Gaboury via YouTube

Hair tutorials are the salvation that every woman deserves! Our hair is a gift sent from above, why don’t appreciate it with lovely updos? Here is another, absolutely easy tutorial for newbies. Let’s see how you can get a truly effortless look:

  1. Separate the sides, drawing a line down from your part to the back of your ears.
  2. Repeat the same step on the other side.
  3. Place the forefingers on the sides of your neck to section off the top layer of your hair.
  4. Pin the top section just above the nape of your neck right in the middle of your head.
  5. Pull up some small sections of your hair around the crown to give more volume.
  6. Then, create a low ponytail, setting it below the bobby pins.
  7. Once you have your ponytail, take the right side section and give it a little twist away from your face.
  8. Pull this section across those bobby pins to hide them.
  9. Repeat the same step with the left section.
  10. Secure these two sections so that they are crossed over one another.
  11. Take your ponytail and do a slight twist, wrapping it loosely counterclockwise around an elastic band.
  12. Pull the remaining hair through the middle of the bun and secure it with some bobby pins.
  13. Enjoy your hairdo!

High Half Bun With A Hair Tie

Source: brittsully via Instagram

Some half-ups can be done faster than you can imagine! And this one is the nicest example: pick the top section of your hair, twist it somehow to create a messy high bun and secure it with a lovely tie. It looks stunning enough to turn heads, isn’t it?


Long Bubbled Ponytail

Source: hairby_chrissy via Instagram

One of the best ways to put your hair up is to create this amazing ponytail. It’s absolutely easy to get, yet it looks very lush and voluminous. The only thing you need is to tie your ponytail, making bubbles out of it and hide the elastics underneath your hair. Simple and gorgeous!

Messy Wavy Ponytail

Source: brittsully via Instagram

Low ponytails are quite common, but not this one. The messy body of this ponytail with some messily sticking front locs and voluminous crown are so breathtaking. And you know what? Let your hair air dry, and this look will be yours!

Double Space Buns With Pins

Source: roxyhorner via Instagram

What can be better than two messy twists on the crown? The same twists with pins, accompanied by long beachy waves that hang on your shoulders. To make this awesome half-up half-down even more eye-catching, leave some messy front locks and wave them a bit.


Messy Updo With A Headband

Source: brittsully via Instagram

The messier this look, the better. Even if it looks like you didn’t brush your hair, as that’s the point. Put all your hair up and twist it randomly, setting your bun as high as possible. To accentuate your unique sense of style, accessorize your updo with a stylish headband.

Messy Braided Ponytail

Source: hairby_chrissy via Instagram

As we all know, we can’t have too much of braids! That’s why you come across braided elements in almost every easy hairstyle: they just make everything look lovelier. Why don’t braid the crown for a fuller effect? The braided top that becomes a messy ponytail: isn’t that cute?