The perfect dress and veil, exquisite bridal bouquet, matching bridesmaids outfits, and memorable mother of the bride hairstyles are the crucial details of the big day. Even though it’s her day, you’ve been waiting for her wedding since her very childhood. Of course, you can’t take the spotlight from her, but you’re one of the key figures of the ceremony, so being on point is essential.


It’s no secret how time-consuming and nerve-wracking pre-wedding commotions can be, so we’d like to help you out. Here, we’ve collected the most elegant, tasteful, and simply gorgeous hairstyles to celebrate your girl’s long-awaited day. Let’s make it even more special!

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

As the mother of the bride, you deserve to look elegant and chic on your daughter's special day. A timeless and versatile hairstyle that strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and charm is the "Half Up Half Down" hairdo. It is the go-to choice for many mothers of the bride due to its ability to enhance facial features and bring out natural beauty. The hairstyle gracefully frames the face, allowing you to showcase your radiant smile and impeccable makeup while adding a touch of femininity to your overall appearance. You can also add embellishments and accessories for a more refined look. From delicate floral clips to sparkling pins, adding the right accessories can transform your hairstyle from elegant to enchanting, making you feel like a true queen on this memorable day.


Sleek and Curly Updo

When it comes to a moment as special as your daughter's wedding, every detail counts. counts. As the mother of the bride, you deserve a hairstyle that exudes class and complements your unique style. One stunning option to consider is the sleek and curly updo, a timeless choice that blends modern flair with classic charm. For the sleek element of the updo, use a flat iron to straighten your locks. To achieve a voluminous updo, gently tease the crown of your hair with a fine-tooth comb. Gather your hair into a low or mid-level ponytail, leaving out a few face-framing tendrils for a soft, graceful touch. Twist the ponytail into a chic chignon or bun, securing it with bobby pins that match your hair color. Consider adding delicate hair accessories, such as a sparkling hairpin or a dainty hair comb, to enhance the elegance of your updo.

Stylish Ponytail

When it comes to mother of the bride hairstyles, there are lots of stunning ponytail ideas to try out. The sleek and low ponytail is a classic choice among others. This sleek ponytail pairs well with both traditional and contemporary mother of the bride ensembles. For a modern twist on the conventional ponytail, opt for a textured style with intricate twists. Begin by curling your hair with a medium-sized curling iron to add volume and dimension. Part your hair slightly to one side and gather it into a ponytail at the back. This chic and playful look adds an element of flair to the overall appearance. Another way to up your ponytail game is by incorporating braids into your style. Start by gathering a substantial amount of hair to the center of your head and braiding it downwards. Then style the remaining hair into a pretty ponytail falling effortlessly on your back. Don’t forget to leave a few face-framing strands on either side of the face.


Waves with Accessories

For a simple romantic and ethereal look, opt for soft waves cascading gently on your back. This is very easy and less time-consuming to create. You can also channel your inner movie star with glamorous Hollywood waves. The sleek and polished waves can be paired with crystal-encrusted hairpins strategically placed along the hairline for a touch of opulence. This timeless look is perfect for formal evening weddings, outdoor weddings or garden ceremonies. Embrace the beauty of waves and adorn your locks with sophisticated accessories to create a memorable and stunning look. So for mother of the bride hairstyles like this, your hairstyle should be an expression of your personality and style.

Chic Swept-Back Pixie

Source: deborah__darling/Instagram

Wearing a pixie means always having a room for special hairdos. The best thing is, such short hairstyles for mother of the bride can not only suit any outfit but also give a modern and elegant twist to the look.


Lively Wavy Gray Bob

Source: silverstylestudio/Instagram

If you’re in search of short hairstyles for mother of the bride over 50, don’t forget about curls! Whether it’s a short pixie or a medium bob, waves, curls and bangs will give you the desired youthful vibes.

Elegant Half-Up For Medium Hair

There are no better mother of the bride hairstyles for medium length hair than simple half-ups with soft waves. They’re elegant and comfortable, isn’t that perfect?

Modern Twisted Half-Up Style

Source: julia_alesionok/Instagram

Twists are something you can’t go wrong with, regardless of your hair type and age. First, they give a volumetric look that can enhance your hair type. Second, they look so fun and contemporary that years get taken off.


Delicate Dutch Braids Half-Up

Source: julia_alesionok/Instagram

Going for mother of the bride hairstyles half up ideas like this one is a real win-win decision. Not only does the style save some time but also give a delicate and feminine look.

Simple Dutch Braid Half-Up

Source: hairandmakeupbyclaudine/Instagram

Wedding hairstyles for mother of the bride are supposed to be unpretentious but decent so as not to overlap the bride’s look while still looking great. And this braided half-up is key!

Feminine Wrapped Updo

Wearing a simple wrapped updo, finished with subtle floral accessories is a good way to celebrate the day both stylishly and festively.


Sophisticated Side Bun Updo

Source: neveartofhair via Instagram

A sleek and restrained updo would be a great choice for ladies who appreciate sophisticated looks and the beauty of simplicity.

Minimalist Low Bun Updo

Source: julia_alesionok/Instagram

Minimalist updo hairstyles for mother of the bride are thought to be extremely unique for one simple reason: you can always individualize the simple ‘do with a chic accessory.

Spectacular Dutch Crown Braid Updo

Source: hairbyrhee/Instagram

There are tons of inspiration hiding among the variety of mother of the bride hairstyles for long hair. With longer locks, you can experiment with twists and braids, thus getting a creative hair look.


Super Voluminous Twisted Low Bun

Source: rachaelharris_hairmakeupbeauty/Instagram

There’s an unwritten rule about hairstyles for mother of the bride: the more twists, the more voluminous look you have. Consider it when choosing an updo!

Classic French Twist

Source: rachaelharris_hairmakeupbeauty/Instagram

If the wedding is designed in traditional style, a French twist is a must! In fact, this amazing, restrained updo stands among the most popular mother of the bride long hairstyles, so you won’t be mistaken in choice.

Textured Updo With Twisted Locks

Source: tonyastylist/Instagram

Getting back to hairstyles for mother of the bride over 50, we’d like to show another beautiful, age-challenging ‘do. The way this tousled airy texture brings volume and organic movement to the look is to die for!


Full Tousled Updo With Bangs

Source: hairandmakeupbyclaudine/Instagram

With long hair, you can create so many enviable masterpieces. A full, volumetric bun with a tousled silhouette complemented by a fringe will make the whole look significant.

Graceful Low Twist With Free Curls

Believe it or not, this idea belongs to the latest mother of the bride hairstyles for short hair. Make sure the wrapped portion is secured well, add floral pins, curl the front and be ready for countless compliments.

Classic Elegant Long Bang Updo

With long bangs, you can make your hairstyle not just sophisticated but also face-flattering. This side-parted fringe hairstyle is all about giving you a fabulous look!


Tasteful Knotted Updo

Source: tonyastylist/Instagram

Some mother of the bride short hairstyles are significant due to their fantastic simplicity. Obviously, this lovely updo is proof.

Soft Long Waves

Waves are classics that won’t ever go out of fashion. Moreover, they’re the symbol of pure femininity. To make the look big, consider getting balayage: it will enhance the wavy charm.

Curly Updo With Long Side Fringe

Source: julia_alesionok/Instagram

Loose curls that distinctively fall on one another, forming a great voluminous silhouette. With a long side fringe, which you, by the way, can curl too, you will only complement the refined ensemble. Plus, such an updo will go well with anything from an official suit to an elegant evening dress.


Twisted Crown Braid Ideas

A crown braid updo accentuated with a couple of front waves will not outshine the bride’s look while not being inferior to it as well. Although it creates a rather feminine mood, it will also look good with any celebration outfits.

Bumped Updo With Low Bun

Source: ira_revenko/Instagram

Styling your hair with a bump is always a win-win way to provide tons of volume. But, it goes without saying that hairstyles like that require a special occasion. And your daughter’s wedding is the best time to finally let this amazing idea out. A low textured bun, an exceptional accessory securing it, and a breathtaking voluminous crown: people will instantly recognize the mother of the bride.

Waterfall Braid Half-Up

Source: julia_alesionok/Instagram

If you’re in a light and youthful mood, a waterfall braid will come in handy. The best thing is, you won’t look basic, as there are a plethora of ways to create and style this type of braid. Here, for instance, the braid is done with thick but loose strands on previously waved hair. Such a styling decision gives a moderate but dainty look and allows to complement the hairdo with any accessories or floral pins.


Braided Updo For Short Hair

Source: julia_alesionok/Instagram

If you think that updos for short hair are a bad idea, think again! With the right hairstyle and proper styling products, you can reveal the elegant side of your bob or long pixie. Make sure to tame your hair with smoothing mousses to make it manageable. Then, start braiding it horizontally when it’s damp, moving from one ear to the other. Voila!

Bold Faux Hawk Styled Pixie

Source: deborah__darling/Instagram

A faux hawk for a wedding. Why not? In contrast to most variations of the muted Mohawk version, this idea builds a totally new image for the trendy hairstyle. It’s sleek, well-defined, and voluminous. Isn’t that the way every woman wants to look at her daughter’s big day?

French Braid Into Low Bun

Even though braided mother of the bride hairstyles appear to be countless, each of them is one of a kind. How? There’s always a chance to customize your hairdo with accessories, braiding techniques, and even color ideas. The highlighted strands creates movement in the hair, thus making the braided bun uncommon.

When it comes to weddings, both newlyweds and parents want everything to be just perfect. But, of course, it’s hard to reach perfection without inspiration. The ideas you’ve seen today can be wedding hairstyles for mother of the bride and mother of the groom that will take some wedding troubles away. Cheers to the flawless mom’s look!


Long Iron Styled Bob With Curtain Bangs

Source: ira_revenko/Instagram

Braided Hairstyles With Accessories

FAQ: Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

Should a bride have hair up or down?

The brides who prefer to wear their hair down are usually the girls who wear their hair down all the time because it makes them feel at ease, gorgeous, and confident. The brides who opt to wear their hair up have the same explanation – it just seems ‘right’ to them.

Can you wear your hair down with a veil?

Most veils hold up well in updos. However, there is an option that will work very well if you want to wear your hair down: back comb- raise the portion of hair where you want the veil to be worn. Then back comb the section underneath. Fix the veil into the pin curls once the pin curls are in their place.

How do I choose my wedding hairstyle?

  • Inspiration can be found in unexpected places…
  • Show off your hair glamour and shine.
  • Coordinate your hairstyle with your outfit, as well as your wedding ceremony style.
  • Make the most of your hair length (consider extensions).
  • Consider a headpiece.