Prom hair updos stay trendy from year to year due to their gorgeous look and versatility. And the latter is truly essential for the occasion, as each element of your chosen image should be matching. Therefore, pick one of our hairstyle suggestions, and it will be much easier to combine it with other elements.


High Updo Styles


Amazing Bun Hairstyles

Low Bun Hairstyle with Bangs
by @carmushka
Amazing Bun Hairstyles Golden Color #updohairstyles #longhair #promhairstyles #promhair #hairstyles
by @tonyastylist

If your choice is an elegant and sophisticated style for prom night, go with bun. You can braid your hair in and then pick it up, make voluminous textured strands or add accessories for your hairstyle. In any case, your hair will look luxurious and exquisite.

Messy Prom High Updos With Free Locks

Ashy Low Bun With Free Locks
by @tonyastylist
Sophisticated Prom Hair Updos picture1
by @elstilespb
Romantic and Lovely Updos Hairstyles picture 1
by @alena__famina

As we mentioned, updos for long hair are quite mainstream. However, some of their peculiarities stay in trend, while others go out of vogue. This season is all about a more natural look.


Prom Updos With Accessories

Beautiful Prom Hair Updos picture3
by @ulyana.aster
Prom Updos With Accessories picture3
by @elstilespb

Would you like your hair updo for prom to appear even more sophisticated and outstanding? Then we would recommend embellishing it with beautiful accessories.

Simple High Buns

Simple Blonde High Buns #updo #buns
by @ulyana.aster
Simple High Brown Buns #updo #buns
by @lenabogucharskaya
Simple Brunette High Buns #updo #buns
by @lenabogucharskaya

Of course, your prom is one of the most important and long-awaited occasions. But who says that you need to sacrifice the whole day and coat yourself with tons of styling products to look special? These modern takes at simple high buns, where hair looks effortless, voluminous, and posh, are the key to your perfect prom look.


Gorgeous Ponytail Hairstyles

Gorgeous Long Ponytail Hairstyles #updo #ponytails
by @tonyastylist
Gorgeous Wavy Ponytail Hairstyles #updo #ponytails
by @hair_by_zolotaya
Gorgeous High Ponytail Hairstyles #updo #ponytails
by @hair_by_zolotaya

Think that a ponytail is too simple for your big day? Well, that means you aren’t familiar with its variety. Ponytails can be anything you want them to be: they can fascinate with unbelievably voluminous and wavy texture while keeping your crown super lifted. Tons of volume and glorious looks, aren’t they ideal prom hair updos?

High Updo With Bangs

High Updo With Bangs
by @ashleyswagnerxo

Here are some updos that will make you want bangs. Or, if you already sport them, they will make you proud! There’s no better way to frame up your face and add a bit of femininity at the same time. You can show up with a comfy and chic high bun or twist, finishing the minimalist updo with the charm of your bangs.

Low Prom Updos


Updos With Twists For Chic Prom Look

Prom Hairstyles to Feel Next Level Gorgeous picture 1
by @tonyastylist

Here you can see the most brilliant ideas for updo hairstyles. Using quirky designs with braids and twists, you'll achieve a chic prom style.

Updos Hairstyle Which Will Make You The Queen Of The Ball

Source: Elstile via Instagram, Elstilespb via Instagram, Tonyastylist via Instagram
Romantic and Lovely Updos Hairstyles picture 2
Updos Hairstyle which will Make You the Queen of the Ball picture2
Updos Hairstyle which will Make You the Queen of the Ball picture1

Spritz with hair spray from time to time to hold the strands in place. When no strands are left, finish with much hair spray. Now you are sure that this hairstyle won’t fall apart while you are dancing.

Twisted Styles For Your Prom Hair

Source: alexandralee1016 via Instagram
Twisted Styles For Your Prom Hair Accessories #promhair #updo

These simple hairstyles are great when you do not have much time but want to look wonderful. All you need is curl your hair, twist it, and pin at the nape.


Exquisite Wrapped Updo Hairstyles For Prom

Source: tonyastylist via Instagram, lenabogucharskaya via Instagram
Stunning Prom Updos For Blonde Hair Low Bun #updohairstyles #longhair #promhairstyles #promhair #hairstyles
Exquisite Wrapped Messy Updo Hairstyles For Prom #updo #promhairstyles
Exquisite Wrapped Updo Headband Hairstyles For Prom #updo #promhairstyles

If you have longer hair, you should try a messy updo style. And messy buns will look very nice and elegant for any event.

Beautiful Prom Hair Updos

Source: Hair_by_zolotaya via Instagram, Lenabogucharskaya via Instagram
Sophisticated Prom Hair Updos picture2
Prom Updos With Accessories Messy Style #updohairstyles #longhair #promhairstyles #promhair #hairstyles

Surely, when it comes to getting a hairstyle for such a significant event in your life as prom, it is advisable to leave this job to a professional hair stylist whose experience will not fail you.

Stunning Prom Updos For Blonde Hair

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Stunning Prom Updos For Blonde Hair Messy Style #updohairstyles #longhair #promhairstyles #promhair #hairstyles
Excellent Prom Hairstyles picture 1
Exquisite Updos Hairstyles for Prom picture 1

Just follow this basic tutorial. First, brush the hair thoroughly and create a low pony. Leave several front tresses for a somewhat romantic flair. Now make the top part of your hairstyle more voluminous.


Magnificent Prom Hair That Never Goes Out

Source: tonyastylist via Instagram
Magnificent Prom Hair That Never Goes Out Bun #updo #bun #promhairstyles

Your hairstyle for that big night can be also a classic choice. French twist updos and crown braids are in trend again!

Braided Updo Hairstyles For Prom

Prom Hair Updos Halo Braids

Source: Lenabogucharskaya via Instagram
Magnificent Prom Hair That Never Go Out picture 3

However, sometimes you think that it is better to save money for some reason. You can try to master one of gorgeous updos and do your hairstyle at home without any help. It is easier than you think.


Romantic And Lovely Updo Hairstyles With Side Braids

Source: Elstilespb via Instagram, Elstilespb via Instagram, alexandralee1016 via Instagram
Excellent Prom Hairstyles picture 2
Brilliant Hair Ideas for Chic Prom Look picture 2
Romantic And Lovely Updo Hairstyles With Side Braids #updo #braids #promhairstyles

Long locks and decorative elements will always bring attention and compliments during the evening.

Mind-Blowing French Crown Braids Updos

Source: Elstilespb via Instagram, ulyana.aster via Instagram
Mind-blowing Charming Updos picture 1
Mind-Blowing French Crown Braids Updos #updo #braids #promhairstyles

You can achieve this effect by loosening your pony a bit. Now take a small strand from your pony. Next, twist and then roll it and fix with a bobby pin. Do the same with more strands.

Excellent Dutch Crown Braid Prom Hairstyles

Source: Elstile via Instagram, Elstilespb via Instagram
Beautiful Prom Hair Updos picture 1
Excellent Prom Hairstyles picture 3

Remember that sassy messy hairstyles will come in handy disregarding the occasion. They are quite easy to style, but you'll get an excellent look.


Prom Hairstyles With Fishtail Braids To Feel Next-Level Gorgeous

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Twisted Styles for Your Prom Hair picture 2
Prom Hairstyles to Feel Next-Level Gorgeous picture 3

Perhaps you should try one of these voluminous hairstyles to have a really gorgeous prom look. Add some braids and ringlets to create a more stunning style.

French Braids For Your Prom Night

Source: samirasjewelry via Instagram, Elstilespb via Instagram
Braided Crown for Your Prom Night picture1
Prom Hair Updos with Braids picture3

A braided crown is your best headband. It adds texture to your updo hairstyle that is seen from every side. This styles is easy to do and good idea for a prom hairstyle. Crown braid will not make you uncomfortable and make you the queen of the ball!

Prom Hair Fauxhawk Braided Updos

Source: Tonyastylist via Instagram, michaelgrayhair via Instagram
Prom Hair Updos with Braids picture 1
Stunning Prom Updos For Blonde Hair Faux Hawk #updohairstyles #longhair #promhairstyles #promhair #hairstyles

Also, updo hairstyles for long hair that are ideal for prom are supposed to involve some braiding or buns. And accessories such as hoops and tiaras are definitely in, as well. In general, it’s better to give your hairstyle a fresh and spontaneous flair.


FAQ: Prom Hair Updos

How do I know what hairstyle to get for prom?

  • Pull your hair into a high ponytail that hangs down your back or to the side, or
  • Try a smooth and straight hairstyle.
  • Make a low or high bun with your prom hair.
  • Use hot rollers, foam rollers, flat or curling irons to curl or wave straight hair.

How much does prom hair cost?

With the option of DIY vs. professional salon makeup, hair and/or nails services, the cost for prom preparations can be anywhere from $30 to $300.

How much does the average girl spend on prom?

According to a Visa poll conducted in 2019, American families spent an average of $950 on their prom-goers. Most girls spend money on their clothes, nails, hair, makeup and other things, which adds up to a large sum. However, the prom memories are well worth it.