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Salt And Pepper Hairstyles

Salt And Pepper Hairstyles #saltandpepperhair #updo #braids

It’s no secret that unique hair colors can help explore familiar hairstyles in a new light. Have run out of styling ideas? Get a new color, then! And these salt and pepper hair styles will show how the color can enhance the beauty of your favorite hairstyles.
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Simple Half-Up

Simple Half-Up #saltandpepperhair #halfup

Yes, it’s a simple half-up. But, in fact, this spectacular color dimension turns it to a real masterpiece.
Source: young_and_gray29 via Instagram

Knotted Braided Style

Knotted Braided Style #saltandpepperhair #halfup #baids

Braids look at their best when done on highlighted hair. Their amazing texture literally makes salt and pepper hair with highlights get more alive and organic.
Source: bescene via Instagram

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