By: | Updated: 03/24/2019

Braided Space Buns

Braided Space Buns #saltandpepperhair #updo #braids #buns

Space buns are another easy-to-do casual style. Yet, the braided pattern made out of distinctive salt and pepper palette makes it not only different but also versatile.
Source: bescene via Instagram

Crown Braid Half-Up

Crown Braid Half-Up #saltandpepperhair #braids #halfup

Why don’t give a modern take on a super-feminine crown braid? Girly yet bold, isn’t it a classy idea?
Source: young_and_gray29 via Instagram

Pull-Through Braids

Pull-Through Braids #saltandpepperhair #braids #ponytail

Wearing pull-through braids means having a ton of volume accompanying you all day long. Since we can’t have too much of volume, the dimensional color mix will come in handy!
Source: bescene via Instagram

Believe it or not,the salt and pepper hair color ideas you’ve seen today are only the beginning. You can experiment with different coloring patterns and techniques and jump from temporary to permanent decisions. All in all, this trend will work for everyone, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot!

Main photo by Ginaatkinson