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Samurai Half-Bun With Long Hair

Samurai Half Bun With Long Hair #samuraihair #menhairstyles

Let’s start with something in between the original look of Japanese samurai hair and its modern variations. Since the length is kept pretty long, this half-up appears quite authentic.

Source: werifesteria via Instagram

Loose Bun With Full Beard

 Loose Bun With Full Beard #samuraihair #menhairstyles

Hipsters do have their own way to wear a samurai hair bun! Make sure your bun is loose and your beard is well-groomed to follow their path.

Source: spizoiky via Instagram

Samurai Man Bun With Braid

Samurai Man Bun With Braid  #samuraihair #menhairstyles

Meet a hairstyle that has survived through thousands of years of men’s fashion history to show itself to today’s world. The braided top is what keeps the clean line between modernity and initial chonmage hairstyle. Bottom line? It slays.

Source: benjamin_button23 via Instagram

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