Long Hairstyles For Men Guide: Wear Your Long Hair The Right Way

Long Hairstyles For Men To Fall In Love With

These days men with longer hair are considered to look super stylish and sexy. However, this trend is not accepted by all men equally since some of them may think that there are not enough hairstyles for men with long hair to pull off. That is why we decided to present to your attention this fresh compilation long hairstyles for men that is complete and versatile so that each and every one of you may find something special for yourself here. Long hair is not entitled to the female part of the population only, keep that in mind!


Man Bun

Man buns have been in for a while now, and they seem not to go anywhere any time soon. There is no wonder why in fact, the thing is that buns are universally flattering and easy to style among long hairstyles for men. Besides, there are many options to experiment with, and we will have a closer look at them right now.


High Man Bun

Source: thysonb via Instagram

Your man bun will surely depend on the length of your hair, and the longer it is, the higher you should make the bun. As for how to do a man bun all you need to do is to gather up your hair, pull it through the hair tie and then secure it with it. It is safe to say that when it comes to the question of what is a man bun – it is the easiest way to deal with your long hair and to look super hot and stylish!

Low Messy Man Bun

Source: lanedorsey via Instagram

To tell you the truth there are many man bun styles and it is up to you to choose which one to pull off today. When it comes to how to make a man bun you need to come up with how high you wish to take it. In case you are looking for an easy-going and a little messy look then low bun is the best option to go for. Besides man bun and beard look sassy as hell together!


Low Sleek Man Bun

Source: nielshorvath via Instagram

Many men with longer hair prefer straight hairstyles. In case that is all about you, we may have a perfect bun option for you! The thing is that sleek bun is the best one for a classy man bun guy! See for yourself one of the most elegant and stylish long hairstyles for men!

Updo Style For Wedding

Source: brockohurn via Instagram

The wedding, even if it’s your own, isn’t the reason to get rid of your luxurious long mane, on which you have spent so much time and effort. You can style it in an elegant and sophisticated manner that perfectly suits the dressy ambiance of the event. Try to pull your hair in an updo with a couple of strands framing loosely your face for a breezy and carefree vibe of the look.


Low Bun With Cap

Source: jackgreystone via Instagram

Caps are so much on trend these days. But, what to do if you want to sport a cap but are reluctant to hide your long locks under it? Don’t worry, you don’t have to. You can wear them both without impeding each other. Tie your hair in a low men bun, and any cap or hat will sit flawlessly on your head.


Very often it is said that there are some hairdos that are entitled to women only. Well, we are going to prove otherwise today!

High Ponytail

Source: cristiano_lb via Instagram

Men ponytail styles are somehow left out or incomplete without a high pony. However, not all the men will go as far as to pull it off. The thing is that high ponytail hairstyles are thought to be the women style only. One look at this high man ponytail may change your mind for.


Low Messy Ponytail

Source: brandon_katz via Instagram

When you browse through all the ponytail long hairstyles for men, it is easy to come to a conclusion that low ponytail is the one that is the most requested for. To tell you the truth there is no wonder why since such a style is easy to come up with not to mention the low-maintenance. Besides, when some messy vibe is introduced it looks hot and sexy. Try it out!

Knot Styles

Source: alepierozan via Instagram

The top knot is the hairstyle that lies somewhere in-between man bun and an undercut, which makes it even more required for. With a top knot men can forget about all the troubles that long hair can come with!

Knots & Braids Faux Hawk Style

Source: alepierozan via Instagram

There are dark times when you want to give it all up and go for a mohawk on your head. Don’t be so reckless though. The times will pass by and you will be left with nothing but regrets. For these instances, turn to such a tonsorial ploy as knotting and braiding. With the help of these two techniques, you can achieve a hairstyle that pretty much resembles what is known as a faux hawk. Probably, the best thing about it is that you will not have any regrets afterward.


Updo Knot

Source: alepierozan via Instagram

Whether you want to take your hair away from your face or pull off a trending hairstyle, tie your hair in an updo knot. Although this hairstyle looks relaxed and laid-back, it doesn’t mean you can’t don it to a dressy event. Just switch your Hawaiian shirt to a well-tailored tuxedo, and you’re good to go.

Man Braid

Man braids are very versatile, and the options are close to being unlimited, however not all the men are daring enough to pull such a hairstyle off. If you are bold and daring, then these hairstyle ideas with braids involved will surely come to your liking!

Dutch Braid With Man Bun

Source: colinjae via Instagram

Braided man bun is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd! It is true that man bun hairstyles are on the top these days, but a really unique personality has to be unique in every possible way. That is why we suggest you pay attention to this man braid and bun combination. Hopefully you will get as inspired as we are!


French Braided Ponytail

Source: thegypsyviking via Instagram

Braid styles for men can be both stylish and brutal at the same time. If you are one of those men inspired by Viking style, this French braid ponytail will steal your heart!

Braided Sides Faux Hawk For A Party

Source: lithunium.snow via Instagram

There are many simple updos for long hair for men, but when it comes to the party look, you are bound to look your absolute best. That is why this Faux hawk braid hairstyle may come in handy when you are in search for fancy and unique braided ideas!

Box Braids

Source: saucemoney88 via Instagram

Among simple updos for long hair should be mentioned box braids. With braids like that, you will kill two birds with one stone since it will become even easier to look after your hair and you will always look stylish and sleek no matter where you are headed!



Source: game_of_braids via Instagram

Cornrow braids are another way to deal with your long hair once and for a while. Besides, you can also experiment with the coloring while wearing your cornrows.


Source: chezeus via Instagram

Dreadlocks aren’t precisely braids, but that does not make them any less stylish. What is more, it takes some courage to try this hairstyle out. In case you are feeling adventurous enough then this is something you should try out at least once!

Hair Down

When you are feeling like not styling your hair into any hairdo, it is time to wear your hair down. However, there is much more to this hairstyle option than it sounds and today we are going to prove it to you! Check out our lovely down long hairstyles for men!


Side Part Hairstyle

Source: jackgreystone via Instagram

When you let your hair down, we suggest that you play around with the part a little. A side part will add some more charm and mystery to your look not to mention that sexy vibe that all the women around you will not dare to miss!

Slick Back Hair

Source: gwilymcpugh via Instagram

Slick back hair will suit those of you who are not that fond of your hair getting in your face. If you are wondering how to sleek back hair – it is easier than easy! All you need to do is to work some hair product in the front and leave all the party at the back. As simple as that!

Long Straight Hair With Middle Parting

Source: jimijimmi via Instagram

There are many guys with long hair who like their hair down and straight. That is why we think that most of the straight hair men will appreciate the middle part option. So simple and so natural!


Shoulder Length Surfer Hair

Source: ben_slade via Instagram

Shoulder length hair may be a little too annoying to play around with since there is a high chance that it will get into your face too often. That is why we suggest you try out this surfer hair style, just a little bit of hair product will keep your hair in place while it will still look gorgeously messy and fun.

Long Curly Hair

Source: giarogiarratana via Instagram

Long hairstyles for men with curly hair are many, but we think it is best if you wear your fabulous locks down. It is ok to experiment with curly hairstyles for men, but wavy hair that is loose has its unique charm.

Curly Afro

Source: william_.e via Instagram

Among afro hairstyles for men curly ones prevail, and when you have a look at this photo, you will understand why. So elegant and stylish that it is hard to take the eyes off!


Side Styling For Special Occasion

Source: jackgreystone via Instagram

Apart from the wedding, there are a great many other fancy events in our lives when we need to look our absolute best. If you don’t want to go for something overly elaborate, simply push all of your hair to the side. In addition to being unbelievably effortless, this hairstyle looks sophisticated and classy.

Slicked Back Curls

Source: reyndupreez via Instagram

If you are lucky enough to have naturally curly ringlets, then Mother Nature provided you with a multitude of styling options. To both emphasize your exquisite sense of style and accentuate the boldness of your hair texture, just slick back the locks with a generous amount of hair gel. Although this hairstyle is simple and effortless, it expresses your easy-going personality like no other.

Messy Side Styling With Long Beard

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

The majority of the most popular long hairstyles for men are messy and tousled. This is because in such a way your hair looks much more natural hence attractive than when slicked and polished. In case you’re afraid that long locks impede your virility, pair them with another ongoing men trend – a long full beard.

We hope you fall in love in our collection of long hairstyles for men. Try out some of this sexy and stylish hairstyles and all attantion be on you!