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Cosplay Samurai Hairstyle

Cosplay Samurai Hairstyle  #samuraihair #menhairstyles

Why don’t show up at Comic-Con with a crazy samurai Jack hair look? You can not only recreate the timeless character’s hairstyle but also show a creative side of samurai styles.

Source: robin_did_my_hair via Instagram

Half-Knot Style

Half Knot Style  #samuraihair #menhairstyles

Though samurai facial hair was more of a mustache than a beard, you can play by your own rules today. Here, for example, a short knot looks ravishing with a thick beard.

Source: spizoiky via Instagram

Shoulder Length Samurai Style

Shoulder Length Samurai Style  #samuraihair #menhairstyles

Here comes a perfect example of the modernized samurai hairstyle: the hair is relatively long, the sides are tapered, and the top portion turns into a knot. Wondering when to wear such a style? Whenever you want; it can adapt to all occasions.

Source: lanedorsey via Instagram

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