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The Blonde Side Of Medium Bob Hairstyle

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The Blonde Side Of Medium Bob Hairstyle #mediumhair #bobhaircut #platinumblonde

It doesn’t matter whatever new place you’re going to explore; there’s no way you won’t meet a girl with blonde hair. There are some things that we call ‘classic,’ and you know what? This stylish idea combines two nowadays’ trends: pale whitish blonde and bob haircut. Want to keep up with latest fashion ideas? This blonde medium length bob is a must try.

Shoulder Length Bob With Highlights

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Shoulder Length Bob With Highlights #mediumhair #mediumbob #blondehighlights

The thing you should know about your medium hair length is that you’ve got millions of styling options. And the thing every woman should know about bob haircut is that it doesn’t care about your hair color at all: it knows how to beautify every shade of the world’s color palette. So, it’s time for brunettes to diversify their daily looks with these exceptional blonde highlights. Some movement in your shoulder length bob won’t hurt, right?

Lovely Wavy Lob

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Lovely Wavy Lob #wavybob #bobhaircut #lob #blondehighlights

If you’re one of those indecisive girls, who want to change something in their style but hesitates to take the first step, just look at this picture! Long hair is certainly beautiful, but this length is far more lively than any other. It seems like once you have a look at these soft waves, you will float away with them. You can get such gorgeous, dynamic waves with the help of curling iron. Trust us, cutting your hair short is an extreme change, cutting your hair to shoulder length is a practical decision.

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