Shoulder length hair with bangs is exactly that kind of something new that so many women are looking for nowadays. You may wonder why and here's the thing – short and long hair are not that easy to maintain, don't you think? Now you may be confused on what to do in such a case, right? But we already have a solution!


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Colorful Hairstyles for Summer

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Hairstyles for shoulder length hair are easy to maintain. If you try it once you will be amazed at the great number of possibilities! You do not want to mess with the length? Then start messing with the color, as there is nothing better than adding some brightness to your everyday look. Let’s say – deep crimson shoulder length hair cuts! Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Add Pastel Highlights to Your Shoulder-Length Locks

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Last but not least, let’s not forget about trendy pastels! Combining sweet lavender or dusty rose with the shoulder length hairstyle with bangs will create an unforgettable but such a soft look!


Marvelous Sexy Waves

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It`s high time to change your hairstyle and create fabulous waves.

Side Bangs For Shoulder-Length Hair

Bangs make up a perfect accompaniment to any hairstyle no matter what type they are – blunt, feathered, baby or curtain. As such, side bangs have gained a lot of popularity lately for good reason. They are incredibly versatile and look flattering with almost all facial shapes. You just need to choose how thick, long and wispy they are going to be.


Angled Lob With Asymmetrical Bangs

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If you choose lobs over other bob styles, then we suggest you get an angled one. It is much easier to maintain than its blunt counterpart, as the slopy edge removes bulk from the back of your head. Besides, it accentuates your facial features and makes them sharper. To enhance the effect, complement the cut with asymmetrical bangs.

Face Framing Hairstyle With Blunt Bangs

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Have you always been shying away from blunt bangs because considered them unflattering? We are here to prove you wrong. A blunt bang is one of the best ways to draw attention to your eyes. What you pair it with makes a major difference. Get face framing layers in the front to work the bang into your hairstyle and balance it out.


Face Framing Hairstyle With Long Ombre-Styled Bangs

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Take your elongated face framing bangs to a new level of boldness by getting an ombre in the front. You are free to choose any color you like. However, for more impact, it is better to go for high contrast or intense hues. Do not forget that they require frequent upkeep, as such colors may fade out easily.

Wavy Lobs With Arched Bangs

Girls with a wavy hair texture may not be bothered with overly elaborate hairstyles, as a simple lob allows them to make the most out of their locks. Yet, you may want to get your hair cut in layers for a more noticeable look and accompany it with arched bangs. The latter provides a flawless frame for your face thanks to its curved shape and makes your beautiful facial features stand out.

Two-Toned Shoulder-Length Hairstyles With Thick Bangs

Whenever you cannot decide between two hair colors – get both. A two tone hairstyle lets you do this with ease. Ideally, you should choose contrasty or complementary shades. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired effect. The style pairs nicely with thick bangs, which pull everything together and give your hair color style a complete look.



Bold & Daring Mullet With Baby Bangs

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A mullet was long considered an awkward and unattractive haircut. So, no wonder people used to avoid it at all costs. Yet, things have changed and now it is one of the most popular cuts. Of course, it has adjusted to modern trends, so the back is not as long as in the past while the front features more hair. But in case you would like to give it a daring twist, such as baby bangs, you are welcome to do so.

Stylish Modern Shaglets With Bangs

Sometimes it can be really hard to pick out between a shag and a mullet, as both haircuts look particularly trendy and cool. No worries, we have a solution for you. Why choose when you can have both? A shaglet, which is essentially a merge of a shag and a mullet, is your best bet. While bangs are not necessary for this look, they are very recommended.


Shaggy Textured Hairstyles With Baby Bangs

Shags are among the most requested haircuts in 2023 and not for nothing. They create a lot of volume and dimension for thin hair while making thick hair airy and moveable. As such, they can work for any hair type. Yet, since the haircut is already quite eye catching, keep the bangs minimalistic. A baby bang is an excellent option in this case.


Shoulder-Length Hairstyle With Dyed Bangs

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If you are not a fan of complex haircuts and a traditional shoulder length bob is your go to hairstyle, then you may want to add intricate coloring to it. While the placement mostly depends on your preferences, we advise you to dye your bangs. Choose unusual and vivid colors to accentuate your eyes and take them to the center of attention.

Shoulder-Length Hairstyles For Curly Hair

You should not avoid shoulder length hairstyles if you have curly hair. With your hair texture, they look edgier and more prominent than with any other. Sure thing, you will need to grow your tresses long enough so that they do not look skimpy. Yet, the result is absolutely worth it. And even more so, when you team it with curly bangs.

Layered Shoulder-Length Hair With Curtain Bangs

Layering is recommended for almost any haircut. It gives your locks structure and makes them easier to maintain. No matter whether you have straight hair or curly, thin or thick, with a layered cut you get the most benefit for it. To finish off the look, ask your hair stylist for curtain bangs, which are one of the most universally flattering haircuts.



Layered Shoulder-Length Hair With French Bangs

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If you do not like French bangs, chances are you just do not know how to style them properly. Take care to define your hair with a middle parting and a layered cut. This will provide your look with an easygoing and relaxed vibe while framing your face and making its features more chieseled.

FAQ: Shoulder Length Hair With Bangs

Is shoulder length hair flattering?

Shoulder length hair offers the smooth and blunt cut for the most stunning face-framing haircut available if you have straight locks. However, if you’re looking for a hairstyle that adds dimension to your shoulder-length hair, adding additional layers will provide unrivaled texture and volume.

Do bangs make you look older or younger?

Bangs can make you look years younger. As long as they don’t go too far into Punky Brewster area, they can help to soften your look and make the wrinkles on your forehead less visible.

Should shoulder length hair be layered?

Because you have more hair to work with, thick hair is generally easier to add layers to. No matter the length. However, a crucial length to focus on adding layers is around shoulder length, because this is where that three-cornered shape can take over, adding bulk to the sides of your face.