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Electric Blue

Source: hairbykaseyoh via Instagram

Electric Blue

Bright blue ombre on a black base is quite stunning. And with long wavy layers, it can help make thinner and damaged hair look fuller and healthier.

Pastel Blue Tips On Lavender

Source: hairgod_zito via Instagram

Pastel Blue Tips on Lavender

With its soft lavender base and bright blue tips, this super-trendy look is ultra-playful.

Brunette With Pastel Blue Ombre

Source: evalam_ via Instagram

Brunette with Pastel Blue Ombre

Most brunettes tend to avoid bright colors. But thanks to modern hair techniques, you can now blend dark hair colors with a variety of blue hues that will have a brilliant shine. You won’t even have to bleach your hair, if you stick to the oil slick method.

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