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Messy Wavy Bob With A Soft Wispy Fringe

Source: cutyourhair via Instagram

Messy Wavy Bob with A Soft Wispy Fringe #bangs #bob

Messy bobs are very popular right now. This messy layered bob with bangs is super cute. The dark blonde roots and pale blonde highlights give this playful short bob a ton of texture and depth, and the tousled waves make it super sexy and seductive.

Ask for a short bob with choppy layers to add volume. Be sure to ask for long bangs. This way you can either pull them back, if you wish to get them off your face, or style them to the side. However, you can wear them over your eyes like this for a totally playful vibe.

If you want to know how to style a bob with bangs, all you need to do is brush your bangs forward with a vent brush while blow drying your hair and spray with medium hold spray.

A-Line Bob With Bangs

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A-Line Bob With Bangs #bangs #bob

Not all bob haircuts need to be super short. This long layered bob with bangs is ideal if you still want some length so that you can pull back your hair into a bun or short ponytail. As well, you can still sport cute half-updo hairstyles such as a topknot or braid.

This classic A-line shoulder length bob with bangs is as pretty as it is versatile. The subtle dark and light blonde balayage hues add a multi-dimensional look to give it just a bit of depth and a ton of texture. The A-line cut is a great layered bob for thin hair as it adds a great deal of volume with its long layers.

To style, blow-dry with a round brush, leaving it slightly askew at the top for a just a hint of messy, casual feel

Auburn Tousled Short Stacked Bob With Bangs

Source: cutyourhair via Instagram

Auburn Tousled Short Stacked Bob With Bangs #bnags #bob #layeredhair

If you want a short stacked bob with a bit of an edge, this cute short bob with razored edges is right up your alley. In fact, this is one of the perfect short layered bob hairstyles for thick hair. The random choppy layers remove some weight and still leave a lot of fullness. And we think the contrast between the dark red and light auburn tones give it a multi-tonal look that adds just the right amount of texture.

Ask for a short stacked bob with razored bangs and longer, razored layers in the front at about the chin length to frame your face.

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