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How To Pull Off An Inverted Bob To Look Chic

An inverted bob (also called graduated): you probably have heard this beauty term many times already. But what does it mean? How is this kind of bob different from other kinds of bob?

In short, a graduated bob haircut involves a completely different cutting technique, comparing to other bob haircuts. And in detail, its nape section is trimmed so that it resembles a curve encircling a woman’s neck. Its center back is a bit shorter and its length is approximately one inch. And in order to get the voluminous crown, the cut is stacked and tapered. Unlike other bob haircuts that have a flat crown. But even though being tapered, you can see that its nape does not appear thin, it is rather soft and heavy. And being shorter at the nape center, the hair gets longer gradually and blends into longer sides that start approximately ½ inch behind a woman’s ear. These sides fall in pieces in the forward direction because they are texturized. If you look at this haircut from the back, you can see that its lines resemble a horseshoe.

Now when you can differentiate a graduated bob from others kinds of bob, let’s discover trendy ways of rocking bob hairstyles. You will love them all!

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