In case you are not sure how to style your long hair with bangs, we can offer our assistance. The moment you ask your stylist to add bangs to your haircut, it ceases to be boring. It happens because bangs provide your haircut with a completely different vibe, turning it into something flowing and carefree. Therefore, you should see our ideas to look amazing.


How To Pick The Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

It is not a secret that bangs don`t go well on everybody. For that reason, you should definitely consider whether they look good on you first. To help you with that, we have gathered some great tips and advice that will let you know what kind of bangs will suit your facial features and the shape of your face. Long hair with bangs is definitely beautiful. So give it a chance and you won`t regret it.


Square Face

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What a gorgeous idea we have for girls with a square face! For such a face shape, it is important to find a hair detail that will soften the facial features at once, and straight bangs are the ones that will. Going just below your eyebrows, they will compliment your beautiful sharp cheekbones making you feel confident about your appearance every day.

Round Face

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If your face is of a round shape, then we have an excellent idea for you. An arching straight fringe that goes to the side of your face will not only highlight the beauty of your face but also give much character to your look. Also, consider deep side bangs. They are a wonderful idea, especially if you are not a fan of hiding your forehead. (1)


Heart-Shaped Face

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As a matter of fact, there are a lot of celebrities with heart-shaped faces that rock arched side-swept bangs. The key to such a beautiful result is that they go longer at the sides of their faces. Basically, such a gorgeous idea of long hair with bangs is a number one for you if you desire to bring in some freshness to your look.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you are a lucky star. Why? Cause this face shape is the one that goes with any kind of bangs. The best way to choose is to measure the length of your nose and see if it is proportional. If the answer is yes, then congrats. You can try any kind of bangs you like!


Long Face

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A long face is the one that doesn`t look good with short bangs. Keep that in mind when deciding if that is your face shape. Instead of short ideas, focus on long bangs with full center or side-swept options; they will become your piece of cake. We promise you that the result will leave you breathless with your own beauty! (2)

Short Forehead

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People with a short forehead should be ready to rock a sloped fringe that is longer on the side. Wow, long hair with such bangs indeed looks stunning. For example, think of a deep swept fringe. It is a bomb! Alternatively, you can consider other short forehead complimentary fringe bangs styles.

High Foreheads

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We have a bangs idea that will let you enhance the beauty of your high forehead, making your face look even more beautiful. First of all, try full side-swept bangs. They should start at the eyebrows level and taper to the sides. Don`t they look pretty?


Different Bang Styles Ideas

Baby Bangs For Long Hair

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What a vibe you get after looking at this kind of a fringe? Retro! Elegant, chic and outstanding that`s what we can say about it. The length of it depends on the width of your forehead and the thickness of your hair. If your hair is thick, then it should be longer. In fact, this idea is perfect for those who want to spend less time on their hair while still looking like a rock star every day!

Blunt Heavy Bangs

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In fact, it's all about texturizing when it comes to this kind of blunt heavy bangs. Nothing can bring as much volume and texture as texturizing does, after all. Use a texturizing spray and brush your fringe a bit backward to increase the movement of hair. This trick will make your long hair with bangs look more lightweight, by the way. Everyone can rock this kind of a fringe and that is the best news about it!


Side-Swept Bangs

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Would you like to add a choppy edge to your hair cut style? If so, we have an idea. Why don`t you try side-swept bangs, for instance? Dreamy and relaxed looking, they will make your appearance more stylish. Is that what you desire for a daily basis? Obviously, it's a gorgeous idea of long hair with bangs for everyone, as side-swept bangs look good on any kind of face shape.

Long Hair Front Bangs

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What is more attractive than effortless-looking long hair with bangs? Once you add front bangs to your beautiful hairstyle, you will see how much difference it will bring to your appearance. Are you ready to get a lot of compliments without even spending hours on styling? That`s what this kind of bangs is about.

Long Wispy Bangs

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Long hair with bangs of this type has gotten super popular over the last year and this popularity doesn`t seem to go down. However, we understand why. Just look at how carefree it makes the person look. Are you ready to rock such an effortless hairstyle? Then, be prepared for it to change the whole mood of your look. Once you go for such a transformation, you will see your hair liven up with the movement of a seamlessly blended fringe.


Center Parted Bangs

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Some people are used to wearing center parting and are not ready to change it as it may make them look different. Therefore, we have come up with a long hair with bangs idea that will suit this preference. Why don`t you leave the center parting and just cut side bangs, for example? The side-swept effect will bring some specialty to your whole central parting look, making you look super dreamy.

Perfect Tandem Of Bun And Bang

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Bun and bangs are the two things that go perfectly well together. Bangs grant that refreshing look that is peculiar to a classy bun style. Apart from that, they can give a nice framing touch that won't look too drastic. Even though this idea may seem complicated, you should agree the effect is worth the effort! And in case you don't want to spend a lot of time styling your long hair with bangs, you can leave it all up to a headband.

Straight Long Bangs

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If you are looking for that edgy vibe, then you surely need to go for long, piecey bangs. Besides, if you style them properly, there will be no problem with the face shape, since as long as you keep them piecey, they suit any shape. You can also try a thin fringe, by the way. Such an idea works wonders building a fuller silhouette through contrasts, especially when it comes to fine hair.


Long Bangs with Messy Updos

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Long bangs really compliment messy updos because they create a carefree but very feminine look at the same time. All in all, a touch of effortlessness can drastically change your look. Change for the better, of course! If your updos feature braids, you can also incorporate some locks of your bangs into braids. In this way, you will add a charming touch to your 'do.

Thin Straight Long Bangs

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How to pull off straight long bangs if your hair is thin? First of all, it’s better to apply some styling product so as not to look like a boring mousy girl. Secondly, don't forget to tousle your bangs, as tousling is what gives a lot of fullness. And last but not least, don't touch your bangs too often. When you brush or adjust a fringe too much throughout the day, it becomes oily faster and hence weights down.

FAQ: Long Hair With Bangs

How do I know if bangs will suit me?

  1. If you have square-shaped face, try brow-grazing bangs.
  2. If you have heart-shaped face, try wispy bangs.
  3. If you have round-shaped face, try side-swept bangs.
  4. If you have long-shaped face, try straight-across heavy bangs.
  5. If you have oval-shaped face, you can wear anything!

How can I look pretty with bangs?

  • Know the shape of your face.
  • Shampoo your bangs separately and more frequently than the rest of your hair.
  • Make dry shampoo your best friend.
  • Cut your bangs regularly.
  • Don’t cut your bangs when they are wet.
  • It’s crucial to find and use your proper drying technique.
  • Treat your cowlicks with a Mascara wand.
  • Consider your way of life.

Should you wash your bangs every day?

While it is not necessary to wash all of your hair every day, you may want to wash your bangs on a separate timetable. Bangs, unlike the rest of your hair, may turn oily in a matter of hours, therefore shampoo them every day.

  • Never underestimate the power of a face framing fringe. Here, 35 celebrities demonstrate the best long hair with bangs styles. Source