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Blue & Violet Highlights

Blue Violet Highlights #temporaryhaircolor #brunette #violethair

Deep and vibrant colors such as blue and purple work wonderful for naturally dark hair colors, especially when they’re added selectively: your pretty black or deep brunette base can be embellished with some purple strands or temporary blue hair color streaks.
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Oil Slick Hair

Oil Slick Hair #temporaryhaircolor #oilslickhair

A shiny burst of colors is about to captivate your attention! Unfortunately, getting oil slick hair at home is enormously hard, yet the idea is worth a salon visit. When hair is colored in various colors that melt with one another in the way hair produces a sleek, oil-like shine, nothing can’t compare to it.
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Rainbow Coloring

Rainbow Coloring #temporaryhaircolor #brunette

Some ideas are just meant to make a statement; are you ready to embrace it? There’s no best temporary hair color for dark hair; everything’s on point only when stylish rainbow shades are added to a black base, so make sure to mix some!
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Colorful Highlights

Colorful Highlights #temporaryhaircolor #brunette #highlights

While going for real colorful highlights can be a real commitment, painting your strands in lots of pastel colors with hair chalks only needs some time and patience. Isn’t that enough to let new colors into your life?
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Pink Ombre Hair

Pink Ombre Hair #temporaryhaircolor #pinkhair #ombre

Here’s another ombre idea that you can get with temporary hair color products. If you want to add some pink into your routine, find two similar shades that will enhance your dark base and be ready to shine!
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Blue & Purple

Blue & Purple #temporaryhaircolor

Blue and purple shades can come into your life in many different ways. Moreover, you can always customize the color play yourself, making them more or less intense. This idea, for example, is rather a muted version of the popular combination. And its main advantage is that it can adapt well to both light and brunette bases.
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