By: | Updated: 05/31/2018

Oil Slick Hair Looks To Feel Like A Mermaid

Oil slick hair is the trend that appeared when hair colorists looked at the swirls of petrol in the water and got inspired with its mesmerizing glow. The petrol effect, involving never repeating palettes of magenta, purple, indigo, and emerald on darker tresses, is totally cool and dramatic.

However, is an oil slick color for everyone? Let’s see if you should go for it.

  • Are you tired of seeing your dull dark tresses in the mirror?
  • Are you reluctant to use much hair lightener and thus damage your gorgeous tresses?
  • Are you searching for a long-lasting result that won’t fade away the following day?
  • Do you wish to visit the hair salon less frequently?
  • Are you the real badass?

If most of these points are about you, read on.

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