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Party Girl Blonde

Party Girl Blonde

Kate Hudson perfectly pulls off the party girl shade of yellow blonde. This color works best for those with a darker skin tone (or tan) and for outgoing personalities. So, if you are feeling especially bold this year, why not try this shade and embrace your inner party girl?

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Blonde Bombshell

Trendy Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

Claudia Schiffer embraces the role of blonde bombshell with this perfect blend of honey and golden blonde tones. With its dramatic highlights, this look works best for those with full and voluminous hair.

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Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde

From Marilyn Monroe to Miley Cyrus, platinum blonde will always be in style. However, this is a high maintenance blonde hair color as it can easily fade, especially if you have naturally darker hair. It works well with pink skin tones and shorter hairstyles for a more dramatic and classic effect.

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Socialite Blonde

Socialite Blonde #blonde #bob

If you have a lighter natural hair color and don’t mind the upkeep, then embrace the socialite style of Gwyneth Paltrow. This color screams money and style! It’s similar to platinum blonde but not quite as light and adds a bit more dimension.

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Buttery Blonde Babe

Buttery Blonde Babe #blondehair #bob

This silky blonde is the look of the “All-American Girl.” Reese Witherspoon totally rocks this style with her pinkish hue. With bright highlights and buttery tones, it is perhaps one of the most popular shades of blonde for 2018.

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Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde #blondehair #wavyhair #bob

Pop star Shakira totally rocks this classic blonde hair color. With its golden blonde tones and pale blonde highlights, this look encompasses youth and style. However, it is important to keep up with the roots to maintain this popular shade of blonde.

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