Bob hairstyles are already considered to be classic. A bob looks quite elegant, and when it is messy, it adds glamorous and modern vibe to this cut. This cut is hot almost every season. Many women pick it because it is not difficult to style. When picking one of these chic hairstyles, make sure that it suits your personality as well as your facial features. Thus, your choice will be the most winning.


Stylish Bob Hairstyles

Stylish Platinum Bob Hairstyle
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Fans of hairstyles for long hair might be skeptical about cutting their hair short. However, shorter hair has many advantages. When comparing with longer hair, it is definitely easier to style and take care of.


Amazing Bob Hairstyles

Messy Pink Bob
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Besides, short hairstyles for women are quite versatile. You can ask your stylist to add some choppy layers to your bob, and it will look messier. Also, you can experiment with colors and opt for high or lowlights.

Chic Bob Hairstyles

Chic Bob Hairstyles picture1
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A choppy bob with a fringe is rather trendy today, especially with balayage hair coloring technique. Balayage highlights can assemble those shattered tresses into a harmonious integrity.


Wonderful Bob Hairstyles

Wonderful Bob Hairstyles
by @chrisjones_hair

To get the most charming look, opt for medium length messy waves. The best part about this hairstyle is that its length allows you to wear it down as well as to turn it into an elegant updo – very versatile.

Bob with Balayage Hairstyles

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Bob with Balayage Hairstyles picture1
Bob with Balayage Hairstyles picture2
Bob with Balayage Hairstyles picture3

Try some interesting color to enhance the beauty of your bob. For example, a peach shade will look ultra-fresh and glamorous. A styling tip: some backcombing can help you to add volume to your wavy bob – raise the style score in an instant.


Stylish Messy Bob Ideas

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Stylish Messy Bob Ideas picture2
Stylish Messy Bob Ideas picture3

Why not wear your messy bob in a free-flowing way? Show off your carefree attitude towards life and let everyone be amazed at your exceptional taste. Don’t forget to apply a texturizing product when styling your bob.

Balayage Bobs

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Balayage Bobs picture1
Balayage Bobs picture2
Balayage Bobs picture3

Blonde Messy Bobs

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Blonde Messy Bobs picture1
Blonde Messy Bobs picture2
Blonde Messy Bobs picture3


FAQ: Messy Bob Hairstyles

What is a choppy bob?

Choppy Bob is a sophisticated way to say I don’t care about my medium-length hair. It’s a hairstyle with a relaxed vibe. Unlike other bobs, the hair in Choppy Bob is cut in layers rather than a single length. The beautiful thing about the popular Choppy Bob is that it’s attractive, simple, and easy to style.

Does a messy bob have layers?

A messy bob can be any length and can be worn with any hair type. The only requirement is that it has a messy texture. Jagged ends, razored strands, as well as texture-enhancing products like sea salt spray or texturizing mousse can all be used to make it.

Is a choppy bob good for thin hair?

Cutting and styling fine hair can be difficult. However, bob cuts will provide you with some ideas. With the correct length and layers, you can give your thin strands volume and movement. If your hair is fine or thin, bob haircuts made with these cutting and styling techniques will make your hair look thicker.