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What Is A Two Block Haircut?

“What is a two block haircut?” is a question that any barber can answer even in the middle of the night. Now, it’s our turn. In fact, it’s a haircut that features very short, thin or shaved sides and lower back of the hair accompanied by a longer top.

After reading this, you will probably ask yourself “and how does it differ from the undercut?”. The truth is, there’s a slight but significant difference that can put an end to the two block haircut vs undercut confusion. Unlike undercut variations where contrasts and length transitions may vary, the two block cut always features a visible, distinctive contrast between the sides and top.

Such a structure is an updated version of a disconnected undercut, and it has split into its own variety of styling and wearing options. Also, since it often features bangs that are of the same length with the top, the cut can be described as a combination of a bowl and an undercut.

How to ask for a two block haircut?
Be precise in terms of length and specify what you want the graduation to be. Plus, don’t forget to describe the way you expect the bangs to fall on your face, as well as point out their texture. And last but not least, bring the picture of the result: it will really help your barber to navigate.

Edgy & Short Two Block Haircut

Edgy & Short Two Block Haircut #twoblockhaircut #haircuts #menhaircuts

The two block haircut Korean trendsetters have popularized can be created and styled differently. Here, for example, the slightly textured top blends with an edgy fringe while the shaved sides put it all in the spotlight.

Source: kaho_breen via Instagram

Short & Messy Two Block Haircut

Short & Messy Two Block Haircut #twoblockhaircut #haircuts #menhaircuts

With such a great canvas to experiments as the longer top, you can bring so many stylish ideas to life. Of course, messy looks are no exception.

Source: bridge_jojonamikikaz via Instagram

Slicked Back & Neat Two Block Haircut

Slicked Back & Neat Two Block Haircut #twoblockhaircut #haircuts #menhaircuts

Once your top is long enough, you can give a fresh take at the timeless Pompadour hairstyle. Good-quality wax and neatly trimmed sides are all you need!

Source: park_yury via Instagram

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