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Medium & Curly Two Block Haircut

Medium & Curly Two Block Haircut #twoblockhaircut #haircuts #menhaircuts

Whether your hair is curly by default or you love to achieve it with styling products, such textures look great with two block cuts. What can be better than short sides accentuating full and eye-catching two block haircut back?

Source: bridge_namiki_men via Instagram

Medium & Wavy Two Block Haircut

Medium & Wavy Two Block Haircut #twoblockhaircut #haircuts #menhaircuts

Nothing adds more fun and carefree mood than effortless messy waves. And even though such hairstyles are associated with unkempt, bushy looks, the shorter sides will build the needed balance.

Source: bridge_namiki_men via Instagram

Middle-Parted Two Block Haircut

Middle Parted Two Block Haircut #twoblockhaircut #haircuts #menhaircuts

Finishing a medium length haircut with a middle part is a very popular styling idea among teenagers. Having a lot of the ‘90s vibes, this cut appears even more fascinating to modern eyes.

Source: kenmatsumotoken via Instagram

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