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Effortless Brown Two Block Haircut

Effortless Brown Two Block Haircut #twoblockhaircut #haircuts #menhaircuts

A contrast that is hard to call contrastive. Leave the sides just as they are and freshen up the top with a brown shade, slightly lighter than your natural color. Needless to say, this two block idea blends the colors nicely.

Source: bridge_namiki_men via Instagram

Black & Blonde Two Block Haircut

Black & Blonde Two Block Haircut #twoblockhaircut #haircuts #menhaircuts

Now, it’s time for real, dramatic contrasts. With such a play of opposites, you will move the cut to the next level.

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Long Two Block Haircut

Long Two Block Haircut  #twoblockhaircut #haircuts #menhaircuts

Love the idea of long hair but prefer it to more practical, low maintenance ones? A long two block cut is your future go-to, then. Short sides make the style convenient while the top allows you to play around.

Source: park_yury via Instagram

The brand new two block haircut men from all around the globe are crazy about is getting more and more viral. Well, no wonder! All in all, it’s one of the most versatile, stylish, and easy-to-wear haircuts that are popular with modern men. Now that you know why it’s so special, it’s time to think about some two-block changes and call your barber.