The Timeless Undercut Bob Haircut Embrace Two Trends Rolled Into One

At first sight, undercut bob is just a combination of two popular trends that women of all ages pull off today. But if you look closely enough, you will realize that it’s one of the few cuts that can really show how different women can be. One day we’re feminine and subtle, and then we want to break all the rules to meet the other day. Believe it or not, the bob undercut can adapt to all your moods and fit all images you change through the week.


Unlike many common bob haircuts, this idea offers plenty of ways to individualize your hairstyle so that it matches your inner-self. Ladies who are tired of common, familiar hairstyles should see the ideas we’ve selected for this post. Once you check them out, you will see how stylishly you can customize your bob, thus brightening up your daily styling routine. Let’s mix the trends together!

What Is An Undercut Bob?

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The only right answer to the question “what is an undercut bob?” will probably be “anything you want it to be”. The cut first appeared in the 20’s as a simple bob haircut with reverse layering and shaved sides worn by show-business stars of those days. And now, with the versatility of the bob haircut and creative approaches of the undercut, you can make up a style that will perfectly match your image and inner-self.


Pixie-Bob With Undercut

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The well-groomed and voluminous silhouette are the calling cards of the famous pixie-bob. How about you to make it different? This pixie bob with undercut shows how the bold move of shaved sides can enhance the volume on top, adding some wild, modern vibes to your look.

Shaggy Undercut Bob

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Obviously, all those bright souls who love to express themselves through colors can’t do without the right, flattering cut. And even when we experiment with our image, it’s very important to keep our femininity. A shaggy bob haircut with undercut like this can nicely finish the creative look and bring a very girly mood at once.


Short Undercut Bob + Fade

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Don’t forget about the diversity of undercuts! For example, you can spice up your short bob undercut with slightly faded sides and give it a totally different look. In this way, the length contrast won’t be too sharp, yet the style will look pretty balanced.

A-line Bob With Undercut + Baby Bangs

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Yes, undercut bob haircut has many faces. So here comes its latest version - undercut bob with bangs! The angular body of A-line bob wouldn’t look that striking without the neatly shaved sides and precise baby bangs.


Messy Layered Undercut Bob With Waves

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Here comes the undercut bob women of all ages would like to try! This idea features buzzed sides and back of the head hidden under the top layer of hair. Such a haircut is a nice option for summer, as it involves less hair, which gives a lighter overall texture. A tip: it will look wonderful with some tousled wavy charm.

Long Straight Bob With Side Undercut Design

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We can’t even imagine a more creative and unique idea than this long bob with undercut. The whole body is perfectly sharp and defined, and the shaved portion changes the way such bob haircuts usually look.

Side Undercut For Layered Wavy Bob

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You can either get one side shaved or go for a classic undercut; the point is that you can experiment with the top in any way you want. To enliven your volumetric wavy bob that is full of movement, sweep the top to the side and show up with an outweighed, awesome look of the brand new undercut bob haircuts.


Flower Design For Straight Bob

Source: jeffthebarber via Instagram

Whether you are about to finish your short bob with undercut or you feel like your long mane needs a touch of faded neatness, a fascinating floral design will make your look even more outstanding.

Short Bob With Nape Design

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Here’s another way to customize your trendy cut. This shaved undercut bob, accentuated with glamorous nape design that is hiding under the inverted cut is the proof that this haircut knows no limits.

Short Bob With Heart Undercut Design

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Who says that short undercut bob can’t look girly? Even though such a detailed idea may be a commitment, it can be the embodiment of who you are. Girls who are into soft, gentle colors and heart designs should look no further than this combo.


Side Undercut Design For Medium Wavy Bob

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Besides adding new colors to your medium bob, you can make it more distinctive with a side undercut design. Of course, you will need to maintain your asymmetrical bob with undercut regularly, yet the result is worth a try!

Nape Design For Curly Bob

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For those who fight with thick, coarse or simply unruly hair, some lightness won’t hurt. This undercut bob for thick hair involves a nape design for two reasons. First of all, it looks super stylish. Secondly, it can give your chevelure some rest.

Bird Undercut Design For Long Bob

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Your hair is nothing but a canvas to your imagination, and you are the only one who knows what colors and designs to use. If you’re bold enough to embrace approach like this undercut long bob, make it big and finish everything with an eye-catching color!


Some Ideas To Style Short Bob With Undercut

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Styling variability means the world to modern ladies. Luckily for undercut bob lovers, this haircut has a lot of things to offer. You can turn your top into a chic, minimalist bun, create a braid that will outline your sides, add some messy waves or play around with bangs. Undercut bob hairstyles can be anything you want them to be, remember?

Short Pony For Undercut Bob

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Even a simple ponytail will introduce itself from a new perspective once you shave the lower portion of your short bob. On top of that, the length contrast will visually add more volume to the top, which is a win-win for all girls.

High Bun With Nape Undercut

Source: hairbyrubymay via Instagram

The best thing about nape designs is that they can take familiar hairstyles to the next level. Check out the enviable look of this messy high bun with the angular hair tattoo!


Side Hair Tattoo For Short Bob

Source: presleypoe via Instagram

With such a bold move as a shaved side, it’s hard to recognize a bob haircut in this spectacular masterpiece. But this idea is impossible without a bob! And to bring it to life, you will need to shave off one of the sides of your cut, leaving some length for a beautiful design. Then, find a skilled hairstylist who knows how to deal with hair designs, and let your undercut dreams come true!

Moon Undercut Design For Short Bob

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This moon phase design is nothing but a combo of minimalism and creativity. Together with the jet black hair color, this undercut looks unbelievably outstanding. If you don’t want to lose much length, you can get a hidden design that will show up once you create an updo.

Asymmetrical Short Bob With Undercut

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The popular asymmetric silhouettes can look even sharper: just shave the sides slightly! Besides the attractive appearance, such a haircut can deal with both thin and thick texture. For thin hair, the texture contrast will create a fuller effect, and for thick hair, the shaved sides will lighten up the heavy chevelure.


A-line Lob With Undercut

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Here’s another way to get the most out of your unruly texture and rock a special style at once! The lower portion of hair is shaved to turn into an undercut while the edgy, angled body of the lob gives a sophisticated and modern look.

All the ideas you’ve seen today are only the beginning of stylish options that undercut bob can offer to you! The only rule for this cut is always to let your imagination run wild. So if there’s a need for style changes, you know what to do: just shave the sides of your bob.