By: | Updated: 01/08/2019

Not Only Men Know How To Sport The Undercut Fade

Let’s check your knowledge of the fashion world: what do you know about the undercut fade? If you think it’s one of the coolest haircuts for men all over the world, you are right to some extent. But if you think that only men can embrace the awesomeness of this cut, you’ve missed something about that. Just remember once and for all: this cut is absolutely universal, and you can be another lucky person to sport it today. Brave and confident women know that nothing can hide their beauty, so they are free to choose any haircut they like. What kind of women are you? Maybe your brand new cut will answer this question?

You know that a faded undercut is a short haircut that features a smooth transition of hair length from the sides to the top. Even though it’s quite short, the form of this cut leaves you a lot of possibilities to be creative: whether you’re about to create a sassy messy look, or you are looking for a neat elegant silhouette, there is an undercut for any desire. Let’s get to know its feminine side!

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