We should take a moment to appreciate weave hairstyles that afro beauties generously share with us. Even though every woman can use that kind of hair extensions, these girls are the only ones who sport it like a pro. You know that your hair can be troublesome sometimes, and it doesn’t matter what hair type you have. In fact, that’s just how women’s hair works.


Natural hairstyles have always been in demand among girls with curly hair, as it’s quite tricky to tame. But let’s be honest, we all need to add something new to our styles from time to time. Whether you are about to spice up your daily look or you are looking for some ways to embellish your naturally curly hair, you’re in the right place! Weave hair will show you that hair changes can be absolutely harmless! Don’t believe us? Go on reading to get convinced!

What Is A Weave Hairstyle?

by @petermenezes

A weave is a type of hair extensions that hairstylists or braiders sew into braided hair. Unlike many other extensions, weave hairstyles don’t involve glue or clips, giving a fuller look in a natural way with hair extensions attached to the edges of the braids. That’s what makes this style so popular with women who want to enhance their manes with additional volume, as well as experiment with hair colors. Also, stylists leave a piece of your own hair around the sides, front, and back so you can wear your hair up without giving away your faux hair.

Another advantage that makes a weave the best option is that women can customize their own hair wigs that a stylist will sew in or get just a couple of layers for some special hairstyles, bangs, and other hair experiments. And last but not least, the style is incredibly cost-efficient and low maintenance.

However, there’s also one con of wearing this type of style. Since everything starts with braids (it’s usually cornrows), a braider should braid the entire head into tight braids. If they come out too tight for the scalp, it may cause stress and hence lead to hair loss. Therefore, pay close attention to the tension of the braids so your braider can make it safe.


What Are The Best Weaves?

If you search for extensions on Amazon, you will get lost in the eternity of options. And when it comes to weave hair extensions, the story is pretty much the same. While the sew-in technique gives natural results, if you pick wrong extensions that don’t match your pattern, you will simply mess it up. You can consult with your stylist what kind of extensions suit you best, and here, you can see the best options available today to have a clear picture of quality extensions.

All the types differ from one another with the texture and wave patterns that can be either straight, wavy, deep wave, or kinky.

The Top 5 Hair Weave Extensions

Peruvian hair

Due to its extremely lightweight and manageable texture that nicely blends with natural hair, Peruvian hair extensions are the most sought-after picks among women of color. As the perfect mix of coarse and thick textures, this curly hair weave can seamlessly mix with thick caucasian, African American, and medium textures, giving a free-flowing and light curl as a result.

Indian hair

It’s no secret that Indian hair has the thickest texture. And this is what makes it perfect for women with natural hair, especially for those with denser types. The biggest perk of going for this texture lies in its variety: it may come as anything from straight blowouts for relaxed types to deep wave weave hairstyles for kinky and curly manes.

Malaysian hair

There’s no better option for girls with fine and silky hair than Malaysian texture. Not only is it lightweight and manageable but it also has a natural luster that will perfectly complement silky manes. Plus, it can be flat-ironed for the bone straight looks.

Eurasian hair

Being a mix of textures from European and Asian individuals, Eurasian hair is very silky, smooth, and thick, which is ideal for relaxed hair. And it also allows for heat styling!

Brazilian hair

Most African American ladies opt for Brazilian hair for super thick, full, and amazingly beautiful texture. It usually comes with a dense but loose wave that doesn’t outweigh the scalp and feels very natural.

Will A Weave Damage My Hair?

When adding something new to our hair routine, be it a styling product or a DIY conditioner with some promising ingredients, the first thing women consider is whether it’s healthy for the hair. So no wonder if you have doubts about getting weave when you don’t know what to expect from it in terms of damage. Well, just like any other type of extensions, weave hairstyles can’t damage your hair; they rather act as a protective hairstyle. Still, there’s a risk of scalp irritation and tension which may consequently lead to hair loss: this may only happen if the braids are very tight. In other words, the weave itself is an absolutely safe hairstyle. It also depends on the way you take care of your own hair while having extensions in it: if you follow the right maintenance routine, you will keep your hair safe or even grow it a little.


How To Care For A Weave

All hair extensions need proper maintenance to look their best till the very uninstallation day, and your weave is no exception. Weaves may have different origins, but there are general care rules that will keep them all clean and safe, and we’ve highlighted them all below.


  • Wash your weave weekly or biweekly. It’s better to wash weaves every 14 days because they tend to get tangled when shampooed, but if you sweat a lot or have an oily scalp, you can do it every 7 days. Of course, it’s better to work with sulfate-free shampoos, as they’re gentler. If you’re wearing a synthetic weave, take care of it following the instructions.
  • Don’t forget to wash between the braids. To wash those tight braids, mix some shampoo with water in a bottle, and massage the mix into your scalp and between the braids. Then, just rinse it off and repeat it one more time to make sure the scalp is clean. Deep conditioning is a must. But it goes for your leave-out hair. Deep condition your own locks to keep them healthy and protected while wearing a weave.
  • Spritz your weave with antibacterial spray every day. To prevent your hair from smelling moldy, apply some antibacterial spray to your locks after shampooing and every day before you go out.
  • Detangle weave with a wide-toothed comb. If you happen to have knots, a wide-toothed comb for just conditioned hair will be your savior. Make sure to be as gentle as possible so as not to loosen the weft. Also, try working your way with your fingers first to avoid pulling. Tame frizz with hydrating pomades. When the edges get frizzy, apply some alcohol-free moisturizing product to make it soft and moisturized throughout the day.
  • Keep your weave moisturized. To keep your hair fresh and untangled between washes, apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to your natural hair, weft, and scalp.


  • Don’t scratch your scalp. Your scalp may get itchy because you wash your hair once in 14 days. When you feel the irritation, don’t touch your scalp, as you can make things worse. Instead, massage some soothing oil into the scalp.
  • Blow-dry at the lowest setting. Or, limit the use of heat, as it can loosen the bond of your weave.
  • Wear your hair up. The best thing you can do to your weave to keep it away from frizz and tension if to wear your hair up in a ponytail when you’re at home or gym.
  • Cover your hair before going to bed. If you don’t want your hair to get matted and tangled when you sleep, cover it with a scarf. Of course, smooth satin materials will work best. Or, you can sleep in a satin pillowcase instead.
  • Braid your weave overnight. That’s another good way to protect your curly weave while you sleep. If you wear it straight, it’s better to just cover your hair.
  • Give your locks a break. Weaves usually last from 6 to 12 weeks, and you will certainly get used to them during this time. But, it’s still pretty stressful for your hair, so you should wait a month before getting another weave.

How Do I Style My Weave Hair?

Do you know how variously you can style a weave? Well, at this point, we’d like to free you from the theory and simply let some inspiration into your life. Below, we’ve prepared gorgeous, modern, and, most importantly, quick weave hairstyles for all lengths and tastes. From braid hairstyles with weave to short colorful pixies and medium length weave hairstyles, the variety will blow your mind!


Short Weave Hairstyles

When you're about to add a colorful twist to your short hair and don't want to go for a commitment, you can try short weave options. Besides a little fresh take at your look, you will also get an additional layer of hair, which is a win for those seeking fullness and volume.

Curly Pixie Weave Hairstyles

by @aigneestyles

Everybody knows that curls are a magnet for people’s eyes, no doubt. There is no way that the hottest African hairstyles don’t feature curls or braids because these two are essentials. Have you ever seen THAT amazing curly pixie? To add more volume and structure to your natural curls, sew in some weaves right on the crown. A curly weave is your key to a flawless look, especially if you want to enhance your curl pattern.

Short Pixie Weave Hairstyles

by @mila_kryshchykhina

It’s never too late for a short pixie! As a matter of fact, short hair is the best way to emphasize the best features of your face. Those who want to cut their hair short but think that their look can become less feminine, here is a decision for you. Actually, a pixie cut is one of the most feminine haircuts ever, but not every woman accepts this fact. To make it look as girly as never before, you can get yourself a soft light ombre weave and sew it in the front hair.


Dramatic Weave Bob

by @hairartbydominique

Once you look at this idea, you will realize that there are no bob hairstyles for black hair better than such a dramatic bob. Honestly, a weave can help you bring all of your beauty experiments to life: you can color weave strands in the color you want without damaging your hair, as well as wave and straighten it. How do you like this contrast bob on the waved front locks? People won’t see the weaves you sew in, as their eyes will be blinded by the beauty of your hairstyle.

Evening Weave Bob

by @hairbychantellen

When it comes to choosing a hairdo for some special occasion, you can do anything to make your hair look as voluminous as possible. Beautiful full hair is something that comes to our minds when we think of evening hairstyles. There are lots of weave styles for any girl, and this idea is certainly about to turn heads. This graduated curly bob leaves you no choice but to have all eyes on you!

Take Care Of Your Weave Hairstyles!

by @hairbychantellen

Remember that weaves maintenance is as important as hair care. If you want your false locks to be on point, then you should treat them like real ones. Don’t worry, it’s totally easy! Just wash them with sulfate-free shampoos every 7 days, apply alcohol-free pomade for your edges, and use antibacterial weave spray each day. If you got your weaves from your hairstylist, ask him or her about maintenance for these particular extensions.


Pastel Colored Bob Weave Hairstyles

by @thehairicon

Feels like there’s a lack of colors in your life? Well, what’s stopping you from adding some new colors right now? Your hair is your best natural accessory, so it can be a good start to feel the changes. And the best thing is that you can experiment without any regrets: you can color your weaves every time you want to try something new, thus saving your hair from any type of damage. Look how adorable these pastel violet hues look on straight hair. They deserve a try!

Wavy Ombre Weave

by @hairbylatise

There’s nothing impossible about hair weave. You can let your imagination run wild and keep your hair safe at the same time. Don’t you find this curly ombre weave to be the best salvation for your hair? Nothing can be better than light waves on dark locks. Let weaves to your look! Contrast never fails.

Middle Part Weave Hairstyles

by @hairbylatise

Modern hairstylists say that middle part hairstyles get on well with straight hair. And we want to say that weave hairstyles and middle part form the most pleasant duo ever. It’s quite a common style that not everyone can sport due to their hair type. Nevertheless, hair extensions will put an end to such problems. This awesome red hairstyle can frame your face and make it look more attractive. As for weaves, they give your thin hair a chance to flaunt with this awesome style.


Side Swept White Weave Hairstyles

by @hairbymarsay

You already know why a full sew-in weave is so cool: it gives unbelievable volume to your natural hair. Do you want it to look even more amazing? It’s time to steal the look from the Snow Queen. Some people think that white hair and black skin don’t match at all. So here comes the photo-proof: this side-swept hairdo shows that they match perfectly. Those who are not sure if this color will suit you, you know what to do: just dye your extensions!

Weave Hairstyles Medium Hair

Another great thing about rocking weave is that you can go for any length possible. For example, a bob can easily turn into a lob or even a long mane without those weird hair-growing phases. But when it's not about the length but about bulky twists and perfect length, medium weave styles are the best idea.

Side Parted Edgy Weave Hairstyles

by @hairartbydominique

Do you want to freshen up your usual side-part look? How about you to try a full sew-in weave? This is a perfect way to show off your beautiful hair: your hair is placed into braids, while waves are sewn there completely. Such a technique makes your hair appear fuller, giving a very chick silhouette to your side-parted lob as a result.


Glamorous Brown Weave Hairstyles

by @anthonycuts

Those who have always wanted to try brown hair, this idea is for you! There’s no need to explain why it’s so hard to go back to your natural black hair after dyeing it a new color. And now, you weaves are whispering that it’s time to treat yourself with some chocolate shades. Look at this bob with glamorous wavy bangs: this woman knows how to make the most of brown colors. In other words, your weaves are your chance to experiment as much as you want.

Soft Blonde Weave Hairstyles

by @nadigerber

Girls with blonde hair aren’t something extraordinary, while African American girls with soft blonde hair color are the ones to remember. If you feel that you’re brave enough to face total color changes, this idea is a must-try for you. The beauty of wavy hair styles is just infinite. How about you to become a Marilyn Monroe of the 21st century? Blonde weaves will make you look like an icon.

Weave On!

by @thehairicon

Even though weave hairstyles are usually seen on black women with curly hair, they can be added to any girl’s hair. Whether you are a woman with full curly hair or a girl who has thin straight hair, you are free to wear weaves! You just need to make sure that the extensions you choose match your natural hair color, as well as ensure the extensions look natural against your texture. Then, it’s all about experiments!


Long Weave Hairstyles

As much as you want to flaunt with gorgeous long hair, you can't outsmart your hair growth rate and wake up with ten inches plus. Or can you? When you need to frame your face with voluminous front tresses or add more drama to your blowouts, a long weave comes in.

Long Weave Hairstyles For Any Face Shape

by @lenabogucharskaya

It’s very important to find a hairstyle that will match your face shape. Some women consult with their hairstylists, and they are absolutely right. But there is a hairdo that can be your shortcut: these long waves on hair weaves are something to die for. Long front locks can perfectly frame your face, which is essential for women with round and oval faces. If you want to add some texture to your hair, you can get a balayage for your extensions, thus saving your hair from damaging.

Extra Voluminous Long Weave

by @hairartbydominique

Here comes another unbelievable sew-in weave hairstyle. This is the volume you could never dream of, that’s for sure. Your natural hair is partly hidden into tight braids, while blonde weaves finish the look to steal the show. African American long weave hairstyles indeed don’t stop surprising us! Such a contrast between hair colors is a mesmerizing touch of individuality to the look.


Weave Down-Do With Voluminous Crown

by @thehairicon

You can’t have too many waves! The more waves, the better, that's why hair extensions will come in handy. Such a romantic down-do has so many advantages that there’s no way you won’t fall in love with it. It can protect and embellish your natural hair at once. Looking for a breathtaking hairstyle for your prom? This is a look to steal.

Say-No-To-Heat Weave

by @hairartbydominique

Some girls still think that the so much popular barrel curls can be achieved with a flat iron only. Let’s dispel this myth: there is an easy, heat-free way to get these cuties. No, your weaves won’t be damaged. Believe it or not, the look you see in the pic was created without any heat. Curlformers are the only things you need to look awesome. Remember that the more hair you have, the more voluminous look you have, so apply curlformers to not only to your hair but also to extensions.

Long Curly Weave

by @anthonycuts

Black women with long curly hair look like goddesses. Their awesome curls shine so brightly that it’s hard to take our eyes off them. Do you like this idea? It’s quite simple, yet absolutely sexy. When you want to add some body and length to your natural hair, weaves will be there for you. Be careful: your full curly silhouette can take over the world!


Long Blonde Curls Weave

by @hairartbydominique

Once you get yourself a look like this one, you’ll be etched in people’s minds forever. This amazing woman looks like she was kissed by the sun, and her curly hair is a kiss mark. It seems that she combined the most flattering golden hues into one hairstyle. And you know what? Some colored weaves can make this dream look come true.

Seductive Straight Weave

by @hairartbydominique

Since most hairstyles for black women are curly, it’s time to be different! Straight weaves are for those who don’t want to spend hours straightening their hair. If you simply want your hair to look fuller, you can use them too. This picture shows how ideal straight should look like: nothing redundant, only shining on your seductive black hair.

Of course, it takes a good stylist who's no stranger to weaves to make it right. Before searching the web for extensions, you should consult with a professional. Your hairdresser should help you find the right extensions, as well as determine how much of fake hair you need for the desired look. And now that you've seen how variously you can amp up your hair look with extensions, you know what to tell your stylist to get the perfect look.

Getting a weave is a pretty big decision, so you should ensure you don’t have any questions when you enter a salon. Now, we’re going to round up everything you should know when considering this type of extensions by answering the most popular questions.

FAQ - Everything You’ll Ever Want to Know About Weave

What is a weave hairstyle?

It’s a hairstyle achieved with extensions that are sewn into flat braids.

Will weave damage my hair?

The weave itself can’t harm your hair or scalp. But, your hair should be completely cornrowed to achieve the look, and if the braids are too tight, they may cause too much tension on the scalp. Therefore, you should be attentive to the process of braiding.

How much hair do you need for a full head weave?

In general, the longer your hair is the more bundles of weave you need. Usually, stylists recommend their clients getting 2 bundles of extensions for lengths under 18 inches and 3-4 bundles for longer lengths.

Can your hair grow with a weave in?

If you wear and maintain your weave and your own hair right, you can grow it out while wearing extensions. However, keep in mind that it depends on your hair growth rate, and weave can’t boost it. In some scenarios, the weave can even lead to hair loss, but that only happens if you leave it for too long.

How long does a weave last?

The classic lifespan of weave hairstyles is 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the maintenance. For the best results, it is recommended to visit your stylist every two weeks so he or she can trim the ends and tell you how long you can wear your extensions.

What is the difference between a weave and hair extensions?

The main difference is that weave is a type of hair extensions, whereas not all hair extensions are weave. Most faux hairpieces are clipped and glued, while the weave hairstyle is when the entire head is braided and attached with extensions to its edges.

  • Change up your style while protecting your natural hair with one of these trendy weave hairstyles!. Source