Our collection of wedding hairstyles for medium hair will solve your problem about what to choose as a ‘do for this special day. Every bride has a ton of decisions to make before the wedding day, and preparation is so overwhelming. We will take care of your glam. Push all your plans aside and browse these ideas. Be sure you will look totally fabulous and tip top with one of them.


Hairstyles for weddings are so versatile that you need to set some priorities as to how your perfect style should look like. Otherwise, you will get lost in this endless world of wedding hairstyles. Should it be down or up, curly of smooth?

Wedding Hairstyles With Accessories

In order to pull off fabulous wedding hairstyles for medium hair, you will definitely need an accessory. Shiny headbands with rhinestones are fashion forward. Go for it to make an impression. Add some relaxed volume to make it next level gorgeous.

Even a small jeweled hairpin can change the overall look of your hair dramatically. It is wonderful how such a small detail turns your hairdo from a simple, everyday one into elegant and sweet weeding hairdo! Fascinating, isn’t it?


Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles with Curled Locks

Another vital thing to bear in mind is the longevity of the ‘do. As all modern wedding hairstyles are created based on curled hair and we want to last it through the day, take care of fixing spray, gloss conditioner or salt spray.

Braided Updo Hairstyles For Wedding

All those luxurious and posh accessories that we see on modern brides are well and good, but nothing can finish the big-day look better than braids: they’re the symbol of women’s pure beauty. If you feel that a voluminous updo is the perfect finishing detail for your look, embellish it with braided elements. Braids will look effortless, elegant, and very refined on any wedding hairstyles for medium hair: from full twists to neat buns.

Braided wedding hair is not only sweet and romantic but also practical. In their turn, braided updos are for those brides who do not want their big day’s ‘do to be plain and simple. It seems that such a voluminous braided updo does not need anything additional, what do you think?


Wedding Hair Ideas with Messy Updo

As for wedding trends, brides with medium hair prefer all natural looks. A loose updo with some accessory is a classic choice. Not only the bride's but also bridesmaids hairstyles with flowers are a wonderful choice for the ceremony. To make it more sophisticated, opt for a headband or a pin with rhinestones. Such a romantic look is timeless.

Classic and Elegant Updos Wedding Style for Medium Hair

Charming and feminine, these wedding hairstyles gently frame the face and have a beautiful back views. With a interesting accessories and relaxed volume at the back and sides, the look is perfect.

With a flurry before special day, wedding preparations can be a bit hectic, but don’t fret, you can be sure you’ll be looking tip-top and totally fabulous with our collection wedding hairstyles!


Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

If you are all about ‘the simpler the better’ option but still want to look unique and unforgettable, go for hair accessories. A flower hair piece will add all the missing charm to these simple swept back wedding curls. See for yourself!

Hairstyles For Braids with Flowers

What can be more feminine than flowers? Only the flowers in the bride’s hair on the wedding day. It does not matter what type of hairdo you choose or what type of flowers. For sure, there will be at least one way to combine the two.

Accessorized Low Buns

There are countless ways you can style your medium hair for your big day. But sometimes the classier is better. Just look at this chic bun, is there anything more perfect than that? Well, we do not think so, but it’s all up to you!

Instead of going for something complicated, you can walk down the aisle with a simple, but distinctive updo. A loose twist with a textured finish and gentle jewelry is the finest way to make simplicity significant.


Updo With Headband

Wedding hairstyles, whatever they are, can’t do without matching festive accessories defining them. And a minimalist headband is an embellishment that can instantly switch the mood of your updo to the celebratory mode, whether it’s a classic chignon or a messy twist.

FAQ: Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Is it better to wear hair up or down for wedding?

Think about wearing your hair down. You’ll also want to think about your hair length and texture because if you want a gorgeous shellacked updo style for your wedding, you’ll need longer hair. Don’t be put off by the fact that short hair brides have a lot of options for hairstyles.

How do I choose a bridesmaids hairstyle?

As a bridesmaid, you might want something that not only looks well on you, but also complements your clothing and is “in harmony” with the wedding venue. Having your bridesmaids match your haircut will look fantastic in wedding images. Just make sure you spend enough money for it if that’s the way you want to go.

When should I get my hair done before wedding?

Brides often ask when they should get their hair colored, cut and styled before their wedding. Stylists normally advise to do so around two weeks before the big day. This gives you enough time to adjust any color if it’s not exactly what you needed. What is more, 2 weeks is not enough for your roots to grow out.