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Choppy Blonde Pixie With Long Side Bangs

Choppy Blonde Pixie With Long Side Bangs #bangs #pixie #shorthair

To get the most out of your look, don’t forget to combine fresh hair colors with the right cutting techniques. Choppy pixie is all about precise and volumetric edges, which will always give you a dramatic, stylish look. As for the color, some blonde shade over darker roots can be a nice accent for the style.

Source: jennwatermanhair via Instagram

Simple & Edgy Cropped Pixie

Cropped Pixie #bangs #pixie

Cropped pixie is a refined, simple cut that involves slight feathering at the ends, thus creating a very lovely movement in the hair. It works well for any texture, but you should make sure that it really suits your face, as this cut keeps it open.

Source: emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob #bangs #pixie #bob

Asymmetrical bang hairstyles for older women are the most requested ideas these days. Even if ladies don’t know how such silhouettes work exactly, they just love the appearance. If you add a fringe to imbalanced pixie bob, you will provide your heavy part with a dramatic, full look that will nicely frame your face.

Source: styleatacertainage via Instagram

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