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Stunning Brunette Hair Shades To Look Fabulous

Brunette hair tends to get overlooked, but it is really quite stunning. There are so many gorgeous rich and lush shades of brunette! From chestnut to honey brown to chocolate, the possibilities are unlimited!

Your task it to choose a hair color that will compliment your gorgeous facial features. So, take into account the color of your eyes and eyebrows, and your shade of brunette will enhance your beauty.

Also, when choosing a brunette hair color, you need to keep in mind your skin tone. Here are some tips on how to properly go about choosing the best brunette shade for you.

From Blonde To Brunette!

If you want to go from a blonde to a brunette shade, you should avoid simply dying your hair. It is especially true if you are not a natural blond and have removed all the natural red and golden brown tones from your hair. If you just dye over the blonde, it will look dull or even turn into a funky shade of green. You should see a stylist to properly replace those natural brown hues before applying the brown hair dye.

From Dark Brown Hair To Light Brown

If you wish to dye your dark brown hair a softer shade of brunette hair, it is better to leave it in the hands of a professional. Or if you are going for a cooler shade of brown, you may need an overlaying shade to help balance out the color without making it look washed out and dull. Or you might opt for light highlights or babylights on your darker roots for a luminous effect that will be sure to stop a crowd.

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