Brunette Hair Ideas to Add Perfection to Your Style

Brunette Hair Runs The World

Some girls who have brunette hair tend to complain that there is nothing to do with their hair color. If you are one of such girls, and you think that being a brunette is boring, you have never been so wrong. Actually, there is nothing boring about this hair color and we are here to prove that to you. You can’t even imagine how many girls are ready to spend all their money on a professional colorist that can get them naturally looking dark hair. This so much needed result is so hard to get, so even the best colorists can fail when dealing with such a task. Still think that you're unlucky? Plus, most girls with dark hair have naturally thick eyebrows: isn’t that the beauty goal everyone in 21st century dreams to achieve?


Fortunately, the majority of girls realize that their dark hair is a real gift from above. But people need to add something new to their style, right? That’s why we are here. We want to show you the most flattering ideas of how you can make your hair look even more beautiful. Your hair is something that should always bring happiness to you, and these ideas will show you how you can make it happen.

Face Framing Balayage for Brunette Hair

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When we look at these photos we don’t see any reasons to explain to you why dark brown hair is so cool. It seems that no words in the world would be appropriate to describe how balayage looks on long hair. When a girl with dark hair thinks of changes, her thoughts will most likely lead her to the good old balayage. Imagine that all the best tones of your hair are rolled into one: this is what this coloring technique will bring to you. The freshness, shining and volume that balayage generously shares with us are the changes every girl deserves. The truth is, it looks more nobly on brown hair than on any other, so keep that in mind before looking for a should I go blonde or brunette quiz. Just look at the voluminous silhouette that you can create: front locks will frame your face so good, so no matter what face shape you have, it will just emphasize the best features of your face. Remember that brunette hair color is not about all dark shades: the primary color of your balayage can be as light as you want.


Brunette Hair Highlights

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Those who flaunt with light brown hair sometimes would like to go to the dark side. No, it’s not about becoming a dark wizard, we are talking about brown hair color with highlights that you can add to your natural palette. You can enrich your hair color by adding some dark hues to your light hair: it will create a voluminous and saturated look. Even though dying your hair doesn’t seem to be a big deal, you will actually feel like you’re not the girl you used to be. Everyone needs that kind of feeling, and girls are so lucky: a hair color change can change everything around us. We want you to remember: there is no need to compare brunettes vs blondes, as your hairstyle can take the best shades of each hair color. These two colors are actually the best to combine, why we should decide which one is better?


Balayage For Brunette Hair

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Seems like we will never get tired of balayage. It always comes in different ways, sometimes it’s just hard to tell whether it’s a balayage or a brand new coloring technique. We know that you like to be impressed. Do you want to impress? Well, your hair can help you to do that. Based on the color of your skin, or just on your aesthetic preferences, choose the basic shade of your balayage. Ask your hairstylist what shades of brown hair color chart can be the most suitable for freshening your look. Another good thing about this technique is that only professional colorists can define if your hair is dyed: it creates a really natural look. Look at these stunning ideas. It’s time to give them a try.


Black Brunette Hair

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What do you call a woman with black hair? Let us answer for you: a goddess is a correct name for such a lady. Why? This hair color makes women look very sexy, no matter how old they are. It is the black hole for people’s attention. Only brave girls can opt for such a deep and saturated color, and when people see such courageous women they can’t help themselves to stop staring at them. Do you know what hair color do guys find most attractive? Yes, you know what we mean. Men like daring girls, what if you are one of them? Who knows, maybe the cool dark brown hair is something that your life is missing. The truth is, you will never know unless you try. So let’s experiment! Any hair length will look good with this color. Let the black brunette hair color seep into your mind!


Dark Brown Hair

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This part is for those who just took a blonde or brunette quiz and it turned out that brunette hair color appeals to them the most. Both these colors are amazing, each is beautiful in its own way. Just like girls, right? So if you feel that dark shades attract your attention, it was just written in the stars that you should dye your hair! How do you like these brown hair color ideas? There’s just no way you won’t like it: it looks so sexy, yet very elegant. Look how silky these brunette waves look. Your hair can look as adorable as in these pictures, just call your hairstylist! Just in case: the dark brown is considered to be the best hair color for pale skin, so if you are a pale girl, you know how your hair change will look like.

Light Brown Hair

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There is a special hair color that you won’t come across too often. The power of light brown hair is just endless, and we are helpless when we see such a beauty: this type of brown has some silver grey hues, and when the sun shines on it, it becomes even more unbelievable. This color is not very rare, but girls tend to dye it for unknown reasons. We recommend you to take this color as the base of your new style. Be careful: you can lose your mind when your colorist will show you the shades of the light brown hair color chart. If you are looking for a special natural look, you will like these ideas.

Brunette to Blonde

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There’s a secret we are not able to keep anymore. You know that these blondes vs brunettes facts don’t mean anything. It’s time to stop comparing these two. The secret that brown hair color chart has been keeping until this very moment is can mix blonde and brunette to ruin the stereotype we’re so tired of! How about creating a transition from brunette to blonde, or vice versa? Really, just look at these ideas: it’s something more than just the brown, and something more than just the blonde. If you are looking for the definition of an enviable look, this hair color is the answer. Opt for a color compromise and we guarantee you: your look will be the one to steal.


Dark To Light Brown Ideas

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Dark brown hair will look good with gold or chestnut ombre. In addition, if you want to get a little shine, choose some gold highlights.

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Ideas

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Soft and charming, it is such dark chocolate brown. This is the most natural brown hair shade, try it, and you will enjoy it for a long time!