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Blue Black To Grey Ombre

Blue Black To Grey Ombre #bluehair #blackbluehair #brunette

While some ladies get satisfied with just a couple of highlights, others want their head to be a canvas to all trending colors. Blue black hair paired with grey ombre seems to outshine the latest looks spotted on trendsetters. So as not make the colors blend roughly, ask your stylist for grey ombre with blue undertones.
Source: jeffreyrobert_ via Instagram

Deep Blue On Black

Deep Blue On Black #brunette #highlights

How about playing hide and seek with your black hair? Once you get tired of seeing the same picture in your mirror every day, you can hide your black locks under a thick layer of deep blue. A tip: don’t hide it completely, as a hint of black showing up will only add more movement to the look.
Source: theniksters via Instagram

Blue Black With Holographic Rainbow

Blue Black With Holographic Rainbow #brunette #highlights

There are three things that women can watch forever: blue-black hair, smoothly blended coloring, and dark holography shades. Can you imagine how much of a visual impact you will achieve once you mix the three irresistible beauties? This pic is here to precede your imagination.
Source: makeupbyfrances via Instagram

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